The Red Ranger felt herself floating in some kind of liquid as she regained consciousness in the pitch blackness around her.

She scrunched her forehead and tried to bring her hand up to massage it but found her body unresponsive.  She tried to remember what had happened but the past was fuzzy and then a realization struck her, she was naked.

She could feel the liquid right against her skin, it didn’t feel like water, it was “thicker”, more syrupy than water would have been.  She tried to call out, but her lips refused to move just like her arms and she tried not to panic.

‘Ok, Rebbecca, you have been in these situations before, just try and remember what happened.’ she childed herself internally as she tried to cast her mind back to the last thing she remembered.

She’d gotten a tip… about… about the Sculptor.  ‘Yes, that was it!’, the tip was about his hideout and she had been heading to it.  Did she get there?

An image of her bursting through a door came to her, ‘I must have!’

The memories came back quickly after that.  The fight with the henchmen, the living sculptures that she smashed to pieces and finally the confrontation with the Sculptor himself.

She was just about to land the finishing blow when someone, something, had grabbed her from behind.  Before she could recover the Sculptor had plastered her face with his modeling clay and cut off her air supply.  Then, like now, darkness.

The darkness didn’t last though as she heard a mechanical clack and a stream of light entered the one side of whatever she was in.

She tried to close her eyes against the onslaught of light, but even her eyelids would not comply with her.

When her sight adjusted, she saw two of the Sculptors living sculptures standing over her, then they reached down and scooped her out of the liquid and placed her on to a waiting table.

She tried to move again, but to no avail.  She heard the sculptures’ stone feet walk to the far side of the room as she lay there, drying slowly in the cool air, until she heard another set of footsteps enter the room and approach her.

As she feared, the Sculptor’s grinning face came in to view as he leaned over her, “And how are we doing my dear Red Ranger?”

He paused for effect for just a moment before continuing as he clearly knew she could not answer.

“Good, I’m glad to hear it.  Perhaps you’d like to know what’s happening to you?  Hmmmm?  Well, I guess I can tell you, what kind of villain would I be if I didn’t explain my evil plan to you?  I mean I might be kicked out of the union if I didn’t.” he said with an evil laugh at the end.

“You see I’ve decided to expand my artistic range.  I’ve sculpted in clay and wood and stone, even in paper mache when I was first starting out, but I’ve never done a human sculpture, at least until now.”

Fear ran down her spine, the Sculptor might be insane, but he was a genius and so she couldn’t just assume he couldn’t do what he was saying.

“You’ve been marinating in a nano solution for a few hours now and it’s replaced virtually all of your cells with a polymer compound.  You might have noticed you’re no longer breathing…”

Fear turned to panic as she realized he was right, she couldn’t remember taking a breath since she’d awoken.

The Sculptor walked out of her view and then came back a few moments later, pushing a wheeled object of some kind until it was over head and she could see her reflection in the mirror.

Her body was quickly drying off from the nano solution revealing a pale, dull unnatural looking “skin” beneath it.  But what really caught her attention was the complete lack of hair anywhere on her body, including her head.

As if reading her mind, he spoke to her “Yes, I’m afraid the nano solution can’t tell the difference between the hair under your arms and the hair on your head.  But on the bright side I do have a completely clean slate to work with.”

He let out another evil laugh as he walked away from the table a second time, only to return a minute later holding what looked like a electric buffer for a car.  He depressed the trigger a couple of times and the cloth wheel spun around as the electric motor whined.

“Now then, this won’t hurt a bit, in fact quite the opposite.” he said as she walked to the opposite end of the table, pulled the trigger and “buffed” the bottom of her feet.

‘OHHH MYYYYY GOOOOODDDD!’ she cried out in her head as the waves of pleasure coursed up her legs, pounded her pussy and shot up her spine to explode in her head.

It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced, within moments the first orgasm crashed over her, then the second and third.

He moved up her legs and then rolled her over, doing the backs of them.  Orgasm after orgasm assaulted her mind and body as he worked up over her ass, across her back, down her arms and finally the back of her head.

She barely heard the whine of the motor stop, the ringing in her ears from the orgasms left her off balance and unable to even form a coherent thought.  She only had a moment thought before his hands grab hold of her and rolled her back over.  Even the small, light touch of his fingers sent her in to a dizzying spiral of pleasure, though it didn’t last long enough to bring her to yet another orgasm.

She had just enough time to catch a glimpse of what effect the buffer had on her legs, gone was the dullness from before, replaced with a shiny, almost wet looking plastic skin.

He started up the buffer once more and worked his way around her head, not going over her face, but instead working around it until he moved down to her upper chest.  The orgasms continued to rock her with each rotation of the buffer against her skin.

When he finally made it to her breasts, she was unprepared for the experience.  She had though there could be no greater pleasure than the buffer against her skin, but as it hit her nipples the pleasure intensified ten fold and her world nearly exploded from the pure white bliss that filled her mind.

She had only just managed to recover from it as he moved down her torso when the buffer hit her pussy.  It was like staring directly in to the sun, everything about her world disappeared in the orgasmic light and time lost all meaning.

She didn’t know how long it had taken her to come down from the earth shattering event, but when she did, she could still feel small orgasms washing over her.  She realized it was coming from her face as he held a smaller buffing wheel against her lips.

It stopped a few minutes later as he stood up, “There we go, all done!” he declared.

Rebbecca managed to refocus her vision on the mirror above her, just like her legs before, her whole body now had a glossy, plastic shine to it.  It horrified and fascinated her at the same time as she wondered if she was rescued, would they even be able to undo whatever he had done to her.

Then, she felt one of his hand slip under her head and the other press against her lower abdomen as he tilted her upright.  He turned her to the side and pushed her legs down over the side of the table.

She could see the rest of the room, it has a few tables in it which had computers on top of them as well as a cart that was sitting beside him.  The cart had the buffers on a lower self as well as several cases of makeup on the top of it.  There was also a flowing red wig, which looked just like her old hair sitting on the cart as well.

He picked it up and set it on her head, checking and rechecking it until he was satisfied with it’s placement, each movement caused pleasure to course through her body.  Then he grabbed a bottle from the cart, lifted the wig and placed several drop of, what she assumed was, glue on her scalp and then held the wig firmly in place while it dried.

Next came the make up as he painted her face, each stroke sending shivers down her spine to her pussy.

When he was done, he retrieved another package from the lowest level of the cart and pulled out a shiny black latex outfit, slipping her feet in to the it sent more orgasms coursing through her.  They only intensified as he pulled the material up her legs and then stopped just below her pussy.

He called the two living sculptures over to help him stand her upright, spreading her legs wide until he was satisfied she would stand on her own and then sent them back.

Before he continued to pull the latex up her body, he reached over to the package which he’d pulled the outfit from and produced two dildos.  She cried out to herself in fear and anticipation, she could only image what it would feel like to take those into her body.

She didn’t have to wait long as he pushed one in to her pussy and the other in to her ass, orgasm after orgasm crashed over her.  By the time her body had become use to their presence, he was finished covering her body in the latex suit.

“There we go, how are you holding up in there?” he asked, expecting no response.

He once more called the living sculptures over and they picked her up, one on each arm and walked her from the room, down a hallway and in to another larger room, which was divided up in to smaller “stalls”.  They set her down in the first one and then walked once more from her sight.

“Just a few last adjustments…” the Sculptor said as he tilted her head down, set her hands on to the collar of the latex as if they were pulling it to the side and then closed her eyelids slightly after which he pulling her mouth open just a bit.

Even just standing there, the feel of the latex against her skin, the glue that held her hair firmly in place, the dildos penetrating her, all conspired to send waves of pleasure through her.

“Perfect.” he said and stepped back, that was when she saw the large TV on the floor.  

Once more it seemed like he read her mind, “Oh that… that’s jut a little bit of entertainment for you.”

He reached down and turned it on, a porn movie started to play and as soon as the first dick entered the actresses pussy, she realized the dildo was in fact a vibrator and her world exploded as a continuous orgasm rocked her.

Just as the scene ended and before the vibrator stopped, bold white text on a black background appeared on the screen, “Obedience is pleasure.”

The next scene started as the Sculptor walked away, this time the actress was taking it in the ass, but the orgasms for Rebbecca were just as strong as the previous ones.

The Sculptor walked away from his latest creation and smiled, she had turned out better than he expected and he couldn’t wait to fill more of his alcoves in his gallery.

The video was perhaps overkill, if his calculations were correct the pleasure she was experiencing was beyond anything the human mind could endure for any length of time.  Just the vibrators would have broken her in a few days, maybe a week.  The video would probably speed that up, but he really had no intention of re-enabling her motor function.  But maybe, one day, when he had filled his gallery and was looking to make space for his next creation, he’d sell her off and the buyer might want a more… dynamic sculpture.

For him thought, he was more than satisfied with her static beauty just the way she was.