Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting the sex bot help desk, it’s our pleasure to answer any and all of your questions.

Your sex bot comes with a variety of parental control features to ensure to ensure underage family members do not gain access to your sex bot as well as inexperienced users have appropriate limits enforced.

To this end, we have several suggestions for options you may wish to enable on your sex bot to ensure proper use:

  • Parental Lock Out Mode: Only those defined by the owner will have access to use your sex bot.  In this mode your sex bot will refuse instructions from anyone but yourself.
  • Restricted Users Mode: Any user identified as having restricted access will be denied use of your sex bot.
  • New Users Training Mode: Similar to Restricted Users Mode, any user on this list will be limited to standard activities.  Sometimes referred to as “plain old sex mode”, in this mode the users will be limited both in the number of times per day your sex bot can be used as well as the duration of each use.
  • Training Wheels Mode: In this mode your sex bot will provide helpful tips during use to the listed users, including: proper care and cleaning, socially acceptable behaviour with a sex bot, how to reduce wear and tear on your sex bot and will actively encourage these behaviours through positive feedback to the user.
  • Secondary User Dominance Mode: In this mode, your sex bot will play the dominant role in any usage with secondary users.  Your sex bot will not accept improper use, damage or other prohibited actions by the secondary user and will take appropriate steps to remedy the behaviour of the secondary user.  Please note that the owner is always a primary user.
  • Power Up Restrictions: You may configure who may power up your sex bot, allowing you to power down your sex bot when you are not home and therefore ensuring it is not used without your permission.

It’s been our pleasure to answer your questions today and feel free to contact us again if you have any further concerns about your sex bot.


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