A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday January 24, 2019

God she hated the shirt and what it represented, but just like she was “taking a dip” in to the pool every few minutes to make sure it was as transparent as it could be, she had no choice in the matter.

She stepped out of the pool once more and took a stroll around it, the eyes of her employee’s firmly fixed in the thin fabric that did very little to hide her rock hard nipples. With each step she wiggled her ass and jiggled her tits for them all to see.

The company was small, a dozen engineers, programmers and one or two support staff along with herself. She’d started it right out of university after she’d convinced David, the head geek, that he should bring his brilliant ideas to the company she was going to start. She’d recognized his revolutionary ideas about VR after he’d tried to impress her and asked her out. She’d turned him down of course but kept stringing him along so that he’d sign the employment contract with her.

Now, just two years later, he’d delivered the most advanced VR experience anywhere, years ahead of the big boys in the industry. They’d just approved the final prototype for production on Friday and David had insisted they celebrate with the pool party. At first she’d demurred and begged off, but David had been insistent and for some reason she just couldn’t say no.

That had been happening a lot lately though, her inability to say no to David. Thinking back it had started soon after the first prototypes had come in and she’d caught the developers working on a porn simulator in their spare time. She’d exploded at David and stormed out, heading right back to her desk and sending out a memo to the entire staff, making it clear that there would be no nipples or vaginas in any software that her company was going to create.

There was some grumbling of course, and David had tried to write it off as the ‘guys’ just letting off some steam, but she had put her foot down.

She hadn’t given it another thought until she’d show up at the pool party and David had handed her a stack of clothing without saying a word. She was about to ask what they were for but the words on the t-shirt caught her eye and her mind suddenly froze along with the rest of her.

She’d walked right in to the house, to the bathroom and changed in to the tight white and black top, a matching pair of short shorts and a set of high heels. Then, she’d walked out of the house once more and taken her first dip into the pool.

She’d gotten out once she was completely soaked and, just like now, started walking around the pool. As soon as she passed by the first of the programmers, she’d turned to him, shook her tits from side to side and asked, “Like, do my nipples offend you Kevin?”

He’d smiled back and replied, “No, not at all Nina.” and she’d giggled in response and moved on to the next engineer and repeated the show.

She had been mortified, but unable to do anything about it. It was like her body and voice had a mind of their own and were on a mission. Of course she realized right away that it was David’s doing. She didn’t know how, but he’d used the VR hardware and software to take away her free will and setup the “pool party” to show off.

She looked down at her tits and realized the t-shirt was drying out once more so her body took another quick swim against her will and emerged a few minutes later. She’d been doing the same thing for the last hour and had managed to approached each and every employee at least once, except for David. He’d been strangely absent from the pool and she feared what he might be up to.

Her fear ran down her spine as she heard his voice call out from the house, “Nina, would you come in here please?”

She giggled and waved at him against her own will as she wiggled her way towards the house, finding David sitting on the couch, she moved to stand in front of him, “Like, do my nipples offend you David?” she asked as she had so many times.

David’s wicked smile crossed his face before he replied, “Why yes they do Nina.” he said simply.

Nina’s hands flew to the bottom of the t-shirt and she pulled it up over her head, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry David!” she cried out as she plopped herself down on his lap and pushed her tits in to his face.

“Bad nipples, bad nipples!” she said as David’s lips wrapped around one of them and his thumb and forefinger the other.

“Please David… suck them, tweak them, bite them… do whatever it takes so they no longer offend you!”

He spent several minutes playing with them, Nina’s body growing more and more aroused against her own will in the process, until the first orgasm betrayed her.

And it didn’t stop, it just kept going and going until he finally released her nipples and she collapsed on top of him.

A few minutes later she managed to recover and let out a giggle as she smiled at David, “Like, do my nipples offend you David?”

“No, not any more Nina. But I do have a new t-shirt for you to wear before you go back out to the pool.” he said, picking up another white and black t-shirt from the other end of the couch and held it up for her to see.

Inside of her own head she screamed in outrage, but her fingers took the thin fabric from David’s hands and slipped it on over her head.

“Why don’t you head out and see the guys Nina.”

“Like, ok David.” her voice echoed as she stood up and walked out.

Just as she was approaching the sliding door she caught the reflection of the new words stretch across her tits, “DOES MY VIGINA OFFEND YOU”, and this time she knew that no one would say no.

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