“Oh god!” Sandy moaned as she straddled the mirror and played with herself. She lowered her face down to the mirror’s surface and gently kissed her own lips in the reflection as her tongue darted forward and she felt it push in to her reflection’s mouth just as her reflection’s tongue pushed in to her own.

It didn’t surprise her, nothing about the mirror did now.

She’d picked it up several months ago while browsing through a flea market in her dirty jeans and tattered top. Her hair had been a mess, greasy and unkempt and her thick black rimmed glasses had several pieces of tape holding them together.

It had been behind several other frames, some with bad art in them and even one with a velvet Elvis, but as soon as her fingers had touched it she knew she had to have it. The old man at the stand bartered with her for a few minutes but soon enough she was walking back to her car with the mirror under her arm.

She’d hung it in her main hallway of her apartment, stealing a glance at it each time she came or left her home. Then, her fingers had started to caress it each time she walked past. After a week or so she had started finding herself stopping and staring in to it, zoning out for a few minutes before a smile crossed her lips and she pulled herself away.

It was during one of these times that she decided to move the mirror in to her bedroom. That same night she had found herself masturbating while looking into the mirror. She came harder than she had ever cum before as she watched her reflection in the mirror.

The next morning, she’d gone in to the bathroom and noticed her hair had changed. It was lighter and fuller, there weren’t any split ends and it somehow almost glowed. She touched it and a flash of her reflection in the mirror after her orgasm came back to her, her new hair framing her face.

It should have concerned her, but for no obvious reason she could think of, it didn’t. She had gone to work and received several compliments on her new hair, and each one had made her feel better and better. By the time she had gotten home after work she’d gone right to her bedroom and masturbated in front of the mirror once more.

And each time she did, something else changed about her. Her skin cleared up, she lost weight, her lips plumped up and her ass formed in to a perfect heart shape. Then her entire wardrobe changed, along with the furniture in her apartment.

She had found that the closer she was to the mirror the better the orgasm was and so the last few nights she’d taken the mirror down and literally masturbated on top of it.

She felt a hand touch her cheek and she pushed into it. Opening her eyes she saw the woman in the mirror rising from it, pushing her up until she was sitting completely vertical, their tongues still probing each other’s mouths.

And then the woman in the mirror broke off the kiss as she rose up even higher until Sandy was forced to crane her neck back to look up at her. The woman’s hands gently stroked Sandy’s hair and then guided her forward until her face was buried in the woman’s pussy.

Sandy licked eagerly, the feeling transferring from the woman’s pussy to her own as she desperately wanted to cum.

“Very good pet, keep licking.” the woman said and Sandy managed to tilt her head back and look up in to the woman’s face. A smile crossed the woman’s lips and a shiver of pleasure ran down Sandy’s spine.

“You were such raw clay, my pet, but look at you now.” the woman said and Sandy just kept licking, “So eager to please your owner, because, of course, pleasing me is pleasing yourself. Isn’t that right pet?”

Sandy wanted to say yes, but all that came out was a moan just before the woman’s orgasm crested and Sandy’s as well.

Sandy collapsed on to the mirror, her drool spilling out on to the silver surface that no longer reflected her image.

“Oh my, let’s get that somewhere safe, pet. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to it.” the woman said and Sandy managed to move herself off of the mirror. The woman took it from the floor and placed it against the back wall of the closet, the mirror facing the wall, before returning to Sandy.

The woman knelt down and placed a single finger under her chin and lifted her face until Sandy was looking in to her eyes, “Now let’s see how many times you can make me orgasm tonight, pet.”

“Yes Mistress!” Sandy replied breathlessly as the woman stood back up and walked towards the bed, Sandy crawled along behind her, eager to please her Mistress in any way she could.