A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday January 31, 2019

Barbie, god she hated that name, sat on the purple ball, her chin in her hand as she balanced her elbow on her knee. Richard had left for work several hours ago and even though she’d stayed perfectly still, she felt no pain or stress from not moving since then.

She knew the nanites had done their job, converting her in to the perfect Barbie doll, even her skin had been converted in to a perfect plastic replica of the stupid doll.

A month ago she’d been going to college, had friends and even a boyfriend. Or at least she was pretty sure she had. It was hard to tell what was real and what the nanites had injected in to her mind.

For example her name, Barbie. She knew it wasn’t her real name, but no matter how far back she remembered it was the only thing she could hear anyone call her. The nanites had gone through and rewritten every memory of her name so that all that remained was Barbie.

And then there was her college memories. Had she really gone to college? Or was that just another construct the nanites had put in her head? She could remember going to class and learning things, which all seemed reasonable, but she could also remember wild parties and being a complete slut around campus, which seemed less reasonable.

She could definitely remember being grabbed off the street, the white windowless van was where she had been first injected with the nanites. It had only taken a few hours for them to rewrite her entire body and mind.

By the time they picked up several more women and dropped them off at the warehouse, Barbie was a perfect plastic doll.

Several men had grabbed her and pulled her from the van, cutting her clothing off and replacing it with a simple black latex body suit. They’d put her in to a pink cardboard box with a transparent front panel before loading her on to another van and driving away.

Time was hard to keep track of after the nanites, sometimes hours seemed like minutes and sometimes minutes seemed like hours, but at some point they’d stacked her box along with some others and left her there.

Eventually her box had been picked up again and she had been transported to Richard’s house where he’d unboxed her and played with her for hours.

Suddenly she heard the front door open and footsteps enter the house. Had time slipped by again on her? It must have as she watched Richard walk in to the room.

He pulled out the small control tablet and tapped on it a few times before setting it down. The commands transferred to the nanites and Barbie felt her body move.

The hand that had laid on her knee rose up and joined her other hand beneath her chin as her fingers uncurled and extend up the sides of her face. Then her plastic mouth split apart and formed a perfect circle in her face.

She watched Richard drop his pants and walk over to her as her head titled back just a bit. He then slid his hardening shaft in to her mouth and pleasure blossomed from every part of her body.

She wanted to scream out for more but her plastic body remained perfectly silent other than the slurping sounds of him fucking her face. Her perfect doll eyes looked up at him, never moving, never blinking as they shown happily at being played with.

All those silly thoughts of university and a job were nothing in comparison to being used by her owner. It was all she lived for, all she was meant for and as his cum flowed down her plastic throat was rewarded for being used with her own orgasm that no one would ever know she was having.

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