A hands on kind of leader...

Sunday February 03, 2019

“Pull your hair back in to a pony tail Kaz.” Mr. Filburn said as her hands pulled her hair together and looped over a stretchy hair band to secure it.

“Yes Mr Filburn.” her traitor lips said and she fumed inside, even though her face remained calm and still.

“I see you’ve purchased some new lingerie, good. Can I assume you’ve thrown out all of your old wardrobe now?” he asked.

“Oh yes Sir! I dropped them down the garbage chute at my new apartment on the weekend!” she replied as her hands lowered down and clasped each other behind her back.

The memory of dropping all of her designer suits and dresses into the garbage made her want to scream at him but as always her lips simply formed a smile as she waited for his next instruction.

Well, always wasn’t right, it had only been the last month or so that she’d found herself unable to disobey him.

Mr. Filburn had been her subordinate until then, following her orders around the real estate office that she owned. It had all changed when he’d clumsily broken her glasses while bringing her the daily list of houses that she was going to be showing. They were all high-end homes, well over a million dollars, the kind of deals she specialized in as they had huge commissions attached to them.

She’d berated him for a good 20 minutes before finally letting him speak. He’d immediately offered to go to her optometrist and get a replacement pair for her. She’d screamed at him that of course he would be the one to go, after all, she could hardly see past her nose without them.

He’d returned an hour later with the replacements and she’d gone back to work, scrambling to make up the lost time. Perhaps that’s why she hadn’t really noticed the headache that had been forming behind her eyes, but by the end of the day it had vanished and she thought nothing more of it.

The next few days flew by in a blur and before she knew it the week was over. Her weekend was actually in the middle of the week, since clients often wanted to be shown homes on weekends when they had time, her favourite thing to do during her time off was drive around the city, looking for the next big deal she could land.

But this “weekend” was different for some reason. Instead of going out for a drive, she found herself heading down to the gym in her high-end condo building. And afterwards, she sat on her couch and watched some vapid reality show that she hated!

When she arrived at her office after the weekend, she walked in to find Mr. Filburn sitting in her chair, behind her desk, with a smile on his face.

She’d exploded at him, “What the hell do you think you’re doing!” she yelled and stormed towards him.

His smile didn’t leave his face as she approached the desk, “Sit down and be quite Kazuko.” he said with a forceful voice and to her horror her legs took her to one of the chairs in front of her desk and she sat down. Her lips refused to move as her eyes burned with hate.

“Oh wipe that scorn off your face Kazuko, show me a happy face!” he said and suddenly her face relaxed and a small smile cross her lips. Inside she still fumed, but no one could tell.

“That’s better, now there are going to be some changes around here. First off, I’m the boss now. What I say goes, got that?” he asked.

“Fuck you asshole!” is what she wanted to say, but instead a simple “yes” escaped her lips.

“Second, you’re going to refer to me as Mr. Filburn or Sir from now on. You can’t even think of calling anything else.”

In her mind, his name simply vanished. She’d called him by his first name so many times, usually when talking down to him, but now even her memories seemed to shift to replace it with Mr. Filburn.

“From now on, you’re my secretary. This is my business. You’re going to sign all the paperwork I have for you and if anyone asks, you were happy to do so.”

He’d pushed a stack of papers in front of her and a pen and she’d her body had betrayed her once more, picking the pen up and signing the paperwork. The first was the legal transfer of the business over to him. The second the sale of her condo. The third a rental agreement on a small apartment close to the office. The fourth was an agreement for a moving company. There were a dozen more transferring everything she owned over to him.

“Very good. Now as my secretary you have several priorities. First, you have to *be* a real secretary. Making sure my calendar is in order, arranging all my meetings, taking care of the office, making sure my day to day needs are taken care of.”

She shuttered inwardly as the words she’d spoken to him on his first day were repeated back to her almost verbatim.

“Second, since you’re the first thing clients are going to see, I expect you to present the right image. And as they say, sex sells, so you’re going to go all out on the sexy asian look. More makeup, more time on your hair, tight-fitting dresses. The whole nine yards. But of course, not slutty, just sexy. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.” her lips responded as she desperately tried to run from the office.

“Good, now go home and get changed, I expect you back at your desk in an hour.” he’d said and she nearly jumped out of her chair and ran back to her car.

An hour later she’d plopped herself down at her new desk, that had been his until that morning. She’d done what she could with her hair and makeup and found a tight blue dress to put on as well.

He’d had her come in and inspect her, making comments on her choices until he’d dismissed her and picked up the stack of paperwork for the days showings.

And that was how it had been, each morning he’d inspect her clothing and makeup and “tune” any little thing that she’d done wrong the day before.

Outside of work, things had changed as well. She’d moved in to the small apartment the next week, she’d spent thousands of dollars she didn’t have on new clothing, she’d been watching internet video’s on how to do her makeup, and she’d spent a lot of time at the gym.

“I like that look better Kaz, keep it for a while.” he said and she snapped back to the moment.

“Yes Sir. Is there anything else Sir?” her lips asked.

“Nope, well, expect for morning dictation of course.”

“Oh yes Sir!” she responded immediately as she walked around behind his desk and dropped to her knees. Her fingers quickly undid his trousers and her lips plunged on to his shaft.

Her head bobbed up and down eagerly as with each stroke he went deeper and deeper in to her throat. Her orgasm rocked her as soon as his cum hit the back of her mouth and she sucked as much of it from him as she could. When she was done she pulled off of him and opened her mouth, showing him his seed before closing her lips and swallowing it all to a second orgasm.

It was the one thing that she didn’t fight tooth and nail, as his words still echoed in her mind, “You love sucking cock almost as much as you love guzzling cum.”

And it was true, she loved it. She did it each morning with Mr. Filburn and as many times during the day with the clients as he’d let her.

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