Kristi pushed her tits out and smiled as Arthur walked towards the table, she’d spent hours at the salon today and almost as much time getting dressed to the nines before coming to the restaurant.

She caught her own reflection in one of the mirrors and her dress sparkled like a disco ball and she let out a little giggle as Arthur arrived at the table.

“Like, hi baby! *giggle*” she said as she jiggled her tits a bit and he reached down and placed his hand on the side of her face. She leaned into it and parted her lips slightly before letting out a soft moan.

God, she did that whenever he touched her and it always felt just as good as it had the first time.

Her eyes fluttered as the memory came back to her, meeting him in her office for the first time, the nerve of the man pushing past her personal assistant without an appointment had piqued her interest.

She’d almost called security, but then his hand was touching hers and suddenly she saw no reason to over react. Instead, as he held her hand, she listened intently to his words.

Oh, she couldn’t quite remember what he’d said, but the *feeling* of his words as they washed over her were still fresh in her mind. She often thought back to that feeling, never wanting to lose it.

The sound of Arthur pulling his chair out brought her back to the moment and created another giggle that emerged from between her perfectly painted lips.

“Here Christine, sign these…” he said as he handed a leather binder across the table to her and she blinked several times as he spoke her “old” name.

She hated the sound of it now and would have sternly corrected anyone else that tried to call her that, well at least as sternly as she could between giggles.

But for Author she just smiled and opened the binder, finding several documents with little yellow “sign here” stickers on them and a pen. She expertly took the pen between her long finger nails and signed her name, Christine Donaldson, on each one. She even managed to avoid putting those little hearts above the i’s that she loved so much now.

He stretched out his hand when she was done and she folded the binder closed once more and passed it back to him, “Very good Kristi. You’ll be happy to know that that was the last of them.”

“Oh my god, really?!?” she squealed as the sound of her new name sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine to her pussy.

“Yep, you’re no longer the CEO and owner of Donaldson Tech. It’s now a subsidiary of Mega Tech Inc.”

“That’s so totally amazing baby! Let’s celebrate! *giggle*” she replied as a wave of happiness washed over her. If he’d told her the same thing a few months ago she would have screamed at the top of her lungs and lunged over the table at him.

But that seemed like a lifetime ago, when she was boring and ugly. Now it only brought her happiness to think that the weight of her family business was off her shoulders and she could focus on what was important in life.

Speaking of which she hadn’t had a cock between her lips in hours and there was no better way to celebrate, so she wiggled her way down to her knees and crawled under the table to find Arthur’s.

As she sucked him between her lips, her ass stuck out from under the table, the sparkling dress reflecting light all around as she wiggled it from side to side.