Shelly looked over to the showers as she stood by the wall, the bevy of beautiful women that stood under the falling water seemed improbable at best.

She looked down at her breasts, her hands resting on top of them as her bikini strained to contain them.

Hadn’t she had trouble finding a bikini small enough to come on vacation with?

She looked down past her large breasts to her flat stomach and her forehead scrunched up, she’d been trying to get rid of that last few pounds around her waist for years, hadn’t she?

Her eyes popped up as another stacked blonde walked in front of her, her proportions seemed entirely impossible and gravity defiant at the same time.

Suddenly a gaggle of giggles erupted from the shower as soap and towels went every which way, ending with at least half a dozen women wriggling on the floor, their mouths and hands exploring every inch of each other’s bodies.

Shelly gasped and moaned as her own pussy moistened, but she resisted the urge to join them and instead managed to get back out of the shower room and in to the sun shine of the pool.

“Hey Shelly, what’s up?” Even asked as she almost bumped in to him she was so distracted. She’d come down to the island resort with several friends, which she hadn’t seen for the last two days come to think of it, but she’d seen Even several times.

She looked up in to his smiling face and suppressed a giggle. Hadn’t she been the same height as him?

Before she could think of the answer he touched her shoulder and this time she couldn’t help but let the gasp out. Before she knew what she was doing, she’d thrown her arms around his neck, stood up on her tippy toes and plunged her tongue in to his mouth.

His hands reached down and grabbed her ass, pulling her up slightly as she rubbed her tits in to his bare chest and the bikini finally gave up on its quest to keep her covered.

He broke off the kiss too soon as far as she was concerned but the smile across his face and his hands still on her ass seemed to make up for it a little bit at least.

“Damn, it’s about time Shelly. I mean the other’s have been going at it like rabbits since the second day!”

Shelly blinked and tried to understand what he was saying but the light smack of his hand on her ass broke her train of thought and she let the giggle that had been building up inside of her instead.

His strong hands put her back on the ground and then twisted her around, she pushed her ass back up against his crotch as his fingers grabbed her now exposed nipples and played with them.

“Oh my god Even, that feels soooooo gooooooood!” she let out as she titled her head back in to his chest.

“You know I don’t know what they put in the pool water here, but just look at the results!” Even said nodding towards the dozen or so couples around the pool, each in a different state of undress and copulation.

“Mmmmm…” Shelly moaned as she looked over the scene and her own need came bubbling up, “Even…”, she whined, “Can we, like, go to your room?” she asked hopefully.

“Sure Shelly, sure. You know I’ve been wanting to tap that ass of yours for years!”

She giggled and smiled, she did know. He’d been chasing after her since the first day they’d meet, but she’d never given him the time of day.

She grabbed his hand and nearly dragged him towards the rooms, she didn’t care what the time was or what day it was, all she need was a cock inside of her and his was the closest so his was the one she wanted.