DeeDee licked her lips as she flipped up the collar her on her jean top and gave her tits a little wiggle from side to side, “Why I do declare, aren’t you just a tall cold glass of water honey.” she said in a thick southern accent.

She took a step forward, crossing her legs in front of each other, the heels clicking against the hard stone floor until she stood in front of the man in the well-tailored suit. She bit her lower lip and touched his shoulder, then dragged her hand down his chest as she cast her gaze downward, “I do so love a finely dressed man.”

“Pause program DD Alpha One.” another man said from beside her and she stood upright and fell silent, her face slack and her eyes locked dead ahead.

“As you can see Mr. Trench, she’s been fully processed to your specifications.” The man from the side said as he waved his hand in her general direction.

Donald Trench smiled and walked around her, pausing to look at her shapely ass for just a moment before reaching out and squeezing it. When DeeDee made no sound or motion he continued back around to her front and similarly “inspected” her breasts.

“Apparently so.” Donald responded to the technician who was delivering DeeDee to him.

Donald scanned up and down her body once more and a smile finally crossed over his lips. Donna Deckard had been a pain in his ass for the last two years, but he hadn’t expected her to be hiding such a rocking body under those business suits. Her little upstart company stealing clients from him left and right, but like all pests that annoyed him, he’d eventually put his foot down.

It had been a combination of things that had done her in, over reaching with a fake client he’d setup for her to woe. Over extending her financial position to win the contract. A little extra pressure from a favour he had to call in from someone he knew on the city council.

Her business was on the verge of collapse when he swooped in and “saved” it. Of course he hadn’t kept her on board after the takeover and with virtually all of the money from the sale of her company going to pay off the debts she’d accumulated personally, she was broke and jobless.

Of course as soon as he took over the fake client returned all of the illegal bribes she’d given him, well most of them anyway, and the city council let up allowing everything returned to normal.

He let out a little chuckle, he’d put aside a few of those bribes just for this reason, she’d in effect paid for her own processing and now he was going to enjoy the results.

“Anything else I need to know?” Donald asked the technician.

“No, not really. We installed the app on your phone before you came in and it has all of the key phrases and other information you need on it.”

Donald nodded at the man in the simple white lab coat, there were no identifying marks on it just as there were none anywhere else in the room or the building. The processing center had no name, no employee’s, no assets, well at least officially.

The only way to engage their services was to be referred by another client and pass the stringent background check they performed on everyone. He’d run across them years ago during his first divorce, it had been going poorly and his solicitor offered him an alternative solution to the problem. It had turned out he didn’t need it, his ex-wife finally seeing reason and settling, but he’d kept them in the back of his Rolodex, just in case.

Donald unlocked his phone and scrolled through several options before finding one he liked, “Run program DD Lima 3.”

DeeDee blinked several times and then wiggled her way over to Donald’s side and threaded her arm through his before leaning in to his shoulder and looking up at him, “*giggle* DAAAAdy! Can we go home?” she said and then pouted.

“Soon DeeDee, soon.” he replied as he took a step forward.

“GOODIE!!! Uhm… like has DeeDee been a good girl Daddy?” she replied and bounced up and down.

“You’ve been a very good girl DeeDee.”

“YEA! Can DeeDee had a lollipop?”

“I’m sorry DeeDee, I don’t have any lollipops with me, but when we get to the car I have something else you can suck on.”

“Oh my god, like, I can’t wait! *giggle*” DeeDee replied and tried to drag him forward faster.

Donald unlooped his arm from hers and she immediately skipped on ahead towards the exit. Donald watched her ass sway as she did so and thought about the upcoming ride home, and later that night in his bedroom, and the next weeks and months of possibilities he held in the palm of his hand.