It was true of course, Sandra only did date millionaires, but that didn’t mean she didn’t go down on any cock that was available of course. After all, they might not be *date* material, but they still could help satisfy the constant craving for cum that she had.

It hadn’t always been that way of course, she’d been a studious freshman at university once. Then by the end of her first year, she’d realized she could get far more done by using her sexuality to get the geeks to do her homework for her and even the professors to give her good grades, that she’d stopped even trying and just focused on looking as pretty as she could.

It was really a lesson that she’d been learning since she was a little girl, pop culture and society in general valued beauty over brains and it simply took her that long to understand it.

But even then, she wasn’t the outright slut that she was now. Sure she dressed in tight-fitting dresses and spent hours each morning getting ready for going out, but she was respectable, even somewhat conservative. That is until she was assigned as Jake’s lab partner for the mid-term assignment in her computer science class.

She’d selected the class mostly in the hopes of figuring out why her phone kept acting up, but it had turned out to have nothing to do with phones and she’d missed the deadline to drop it. So instead, she’d been cozying up to a few of the geeks in the class and getting them to do her assignments for her.

Jake had been at the top of her list based on his grades, but something, some kind of vibe he gave off, had made her decide to go for one of the others. After all, one geeks was just as good as another for her purposes.

The mid-term project was supposed to take 6 weeks and count for 50% of her grade, so as soon as they’d gotten together, she’d laid it on thick. She’d even agreed to try out his stupid new VR goggles that messed up her hair. She feigned interest in them as he worked away on the project, each week they’d gotten together for a few hours and she found that as long as she tried out whatever his latest tweak to the goggles was, he was more than happy to do the assignment for them. It was going to be the easiest A she ever earned at university.

On the third week when they’d gotten together, something in the back of her mind made her wear something a little sexier. Nothing outlandish, but something that showed off a bit of her cleavage and midsection. She had to admit by then that she was looking forward to their weekly study sessions and that something deep in her pussy seemed to tingle each time she though she could feel him looking over to her, the goggles firmly fixed over her eyes.

By the fifth session, she’d gone all out on her outfit, the tight little skirt and the two sizes too small top hugged her every curve. She’d spent time doing her makeup and hair, put on a set of heels that made her ass look fantastic and wiggled her way in to off campus apartment.

She’d touch his arm, played with her hair, giggled at his stupid jokes for a few minutes before he placed the goggles on her head once more. When she removed them several hours later, she wasted no time in getting on her knees and wrapping her lips around his hard shaft as he sat naked in his chair.

She spent every night for the next week at his apartment, for what he called “tweaking” of the program, but she called raging sex orgies. He fucked her face, her tits, her pussy, her ass, he sprayed cum on every inch of her body and she came and came and came.

When the project was due, the two of them headed in to the professors office. Sandra decked out in a tiny pink baby doll top that plunged between her tits as well as a tight pink skirt that barely covered her modesty. The pink wedge heals were 8″ tall and gave her ass just the perfect projection.

Jake had droned on for a few minutes about their project as they sat in the professors office, but Sandra had a hard time listening to what he was saying, the fact there were two cocks in the room had her on edge to say the least.

Finally Jake had turned to her and spoken, “Sandi, would you masturbate for the professor please.”

Sandra smiled and pushed her chair back a bit, slipping down in it as she pulled her top to the side to expose her tits and then flipped up her skirt, revealing her bare pussy. Her fingers went to work quickly and she threw her head back and moaned.

The two cocks… she meant men, were talking once more. Why weren’t they fucking her?

After a while, her fingers had done enough to bring her to small orgasm and she cried out and slumped the rest of the way down in to the chair. By the time the bliss of the orgasm had passed, there was finally a beautify cock in front of her face.

She let out a gasp as her lips formed a perfect “O” and wrapped around it. Minutes later she was bent over the professors desk and he was hammering his cock in to her pussy. Then, as he released inside of her, a massive orgasm rocked her body and she nearly passed out.

They’d both received an A+ on the project of course.

That had been six months ago, back when she was still attending university. Now though Sandra finished taking the selfie and sent it to Jake before she put her phone in her purse and headed back out on to the floor of the strip club.

She looked around, seeing at least half a dozen girls she recognized from university, some had tops on like her but with different slogans; “Sorry boys, I only date MENSA men.”, “Sorry boys, I only date comic book geeks.”, etc.

Those that didn’t looked down at the others with some kind of contempt from the sidelines as Jake’s bevy of hot university student strippers seemed to take the majority of the business away from them.

She felt an arm wrap around her waist and she turned to see who it was, a man in his thirties stood beside her in a dress shirt and pants that reeked of money. It made her pussy wet just thinking about it, the majority of boys that came in were there just for a good time out and had so little money to spend on a girl like her.

Her lips formed a smile as she half turned to him and wiggled her tits from side to side, “Like, Hi! I’m Sandi.”

“David.” the man replied as she giggled.

“So, uhm, David…” she said, reaching around and taking his hand from her waist and slipping it up under her skirt to her bare ass, “Do you want to have some fun in the VIP?”

David smiled back at her and squeezed her ass, “Sure, though I qualify for a date if your interested…”

She snuggled in close to them as they started back towards the VIP, “I’m *always* interested baby!”

Her pussy moistened even more as they headed back, it was going to be a great night, not only would she get to suck his cock in the VIP, she’d get his phone number too. If she was lucky he’d take her out to some trashy bar where she could get him all hot and horny before they headed back to his place where he could fucker properly.

She had half a dozen men like him on the go at any one time, eager to throw money at a hot little piece of ass like her to recapture some little part of their younger days.

Of course while she might suck any cock put in front of her face, and only date millionaires for their money, she was owned body and soul by Jake.

Jake looked at the selfie on his phone that Sandi had just sent him, the girl still hadn’t recognized him from when they went to high school together. Though at this point that wasn’t a surprise really, there wasn’t much left of the straight A student from his high schools days that wore baggy clothing and lead the debate team.

He’d asked her out when they were on the team together and she’d blown him off, which wasn’t surprising since he was going through a wannabe white rapper phase at the time. By the time he’d smartened up and gotten his act together she was dating someone else that lasted until they both had headed to university.

He hadn’t given her much thought after that until they’d been forced back together as lab partners. She’d changed so much by then that he’d hardly recognized her, but what had hurt the most was her total lack of recognition.

Though in the end that had made things easier. He wasn’t a computer science major by any means, his major was biology. But after making a discovery about the visual and audio cortex that would allow him to alter the mind of any subject, he needed some basic computer skills to write the software that would drive his invention.

The professor had been quite impressed and offered up his other students to further test the device. The whole strip club idea had been the professors to build some working capital before going mainstream. There were numerous applications of the tech; addiction rehabilitation, criminal behaviour modification, counter intelligence applications, etc. It had sounded good to Jake and soon he’d taken the best looking girls from the professors classes and had them working in strip clubs across the city.

There was a second batch just about ready, those that had need some extra time to lose some weight or go under the knife.

But Jake had been thinking about the professors idea of going mainstream and wasn’t so sure it was a good one any more. After all there were strip clubs across the country, around the world for that matter that could all use some of Jake’s girls.

After just a few months of working Sandi had earned nearly half a million dollars, the others were on track to do just as well. The numbers seemed to speak for themselves.

Of course the professor might not agree, but then again, after working on the technology with Sandi along with the added brain power of an entire universities computer science student body, he had a new piece of software that could run on just about any computer and entrap the subject seconds, with a full reprogram only take minutes. He already had it installed the professors laptop, waiting to be used just in case.

He phone buzzed again and Tami’s before work selfie came in, the stacked brunette had been his second subject and he smiled each time he remembered the first time he came all over her tits.

He pulled up the home screen on his phone and opened the control program one of the students had written for him, selecting the professor from the list, he started typing in a new set of instructions.