A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday March 06, 2019

Debbie hefted her shoulders and let out a great sigh, “Yes John, my tits look great, thank you for buying them for me.” she said as he smiled with giddy excitement.

“And your lips?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, my lips too… they’re so puffy and inflated, perfect for sucking cock.” she replied half heartedly.

To be honest, everything about her was perfect for sucking cock these days. Or fucking for that matter. Her once dark brown hair was now nearly white, her once subdued makeup was now heavily applied, her conservative clothes were long gone, and her sensible heels had been replaced by 8″ monsters that had 4″ wedges on them.

And it hadn’t been her choice either, well, not exactly at least. Oh sure, she’d agreed to the contract, signed it even, but she really hadn’t though it through.

It had sounded great at the time, $500k for six months worth of “work”. And it had even come with medical and dental! She was definitely going to use the dental to fix her crooked teeth, and she had.

Likewise, she knew he was going to have her undergo breast implants and other procedures to make her into, as he called it, the perfect fuck bunny. And she’d been ok with that, but she hadn’t understood how mentally draining it was to traipse around the house most of the time in virtually nothing, and absolutely nothing the rest of the time.

There were other perks though, an almost unlimited clothing budget that she’d been able to sneak in a pile of clothing she could use afterwards. As well as going to all the hippest parties and social events, even if she was squeezed into a completely too revealing dress for them.

And he was enthusiastic about it, never down beat or disappointed even if she wasn’t completely in to it at the time like she was at the moment.

And that wasn’t the only thing he was enthusiastic about, he seemed to have an unlimited amount of stamina, and sperm, available. She’d always though of herself as extremely sexually active, often wanting sex more than her partners, but John as unlike anything she’d encountered before. Every night he fucked her… for hours… never letting up, often cumming multiple times. And since he worked just across the street in one of the office towers that lined the street, he often came home at lunch for a quickie as well.

It was an interesting question that, his work. She knew he was rich, obviously, and beyond smart. But she’d never quite been able to get him to tell her what exactly he did for a living.

Debbie felt his hands on her hips as he guided her to turn around and bend over, taking hold of the counter as she did so. She felt his lift her dress up over her ass and then slide his dick in to her pussy and she let out a moan, tossing her hair over her shoulder and looking back at him, “Oh yeah baby, slam that cock in to your fuck bunny.” she said with little enthusiasm but word for word the script he’d given her for exactly this situation.

He smiled and did just that, going at it for 20 minutes or more until she felt his cum explode inside of her.

She giggled and leaned back, his dick still hard and deep inside of her, as she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled herself up and placed her lips on his, probing his mouth with her tongue.

Eventually he left, to go back to work, whatever that meant and Debbie went and cleaned up, taking a shower before eventually flopping down on the couch in front of the TV and watching whatever was on.

She let out another long sigh, it was only four more months, then she’d be free to live her life in any way she wanted to with the money John was paying her.

John felt the buzz of his phone and he pulled it from his pocket, the notification indicating Debbie had turned on the TV once more. He unlocked his phone and opened the custom application, checking once more the status:

    Command                               Completion
    You show no emotion during sex           60%
    You are a sex doll                       50%
    Sex is all you think about               25%
    Your mind is empty and blank              0%
    John is your owner                        0%

He smiled at the 10% increase of the first command since last week, Debbie would be complete on schedule, well within the time he had left with her. Of course even if all of the commands weren’t at 100% by then she’d be far enough along to make it easy to convince her to stay a little bit longer.

His company had been working on the technology for years, for therapeutic purposes of course, but he’d seen an opportunity to use it for a less noble purpose and hadn’t been able to resist.

It had taken him a while to find the right ‘clay’ to work with, but Debbie had been the right mix of desperate and naive and signed up with little encouragement or questions. By the time he was done with her though, she’d stay for as long as he wanted, the perfect human sex doll to use for his own enjoyment.

He knew that made him a bad person, but since he’d injected himself with the experimental immune system booster last year from one of his subsidiaries to cure his cancer, he had been going through girlfriends and hookers at an alarming rate. He needed someone, or something, that could match his own extreme needs or he’d eventually cause a problem for himself that he couldn’t buy his way out of.

His smile grew just a little broader as one of the status indicators ticked up another percent and his penis started to grow hard again. He put his phone down and focused on something else… baseball? Golf? Anything to distract him and it worked after a few minutes. He had to hold out until tonight, there was too much business to take care of today and so he turned to his computer and started to work once more.

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