Dayna half turned around and was surprise to see her boss staring at her ass. Well not surprised really, after all she’d wiggled her way in to the skin tight dress that morning fully expecting him to stare at it every chance he got after all.

She stood up and turned to him, flashing a smile, as well as the ample cleavage that her plunging top revealed, “Good morning Sir, is there anything I can get you before your first meeting?”

“No Dayna, just show them in as soon as they arrive.” Wendel replied.

“Yes Sir.” she chirped as she passed by him and took a seat at her own desk just outside of his office. She smoothed out her skirt and wiggled her bum in to the chair before turning to her computer and checked her e-mail.

She let out a little sigh as she worked away, it was terrible having to show of so much of her body just to keep her job, but she was desperate to keep it after the debacle with her last one. If that meant showing off a bit of her body to keep the boss interested, well, so be it. Though she didn’t have to particularly like it.

An e-mail popped up in her inbox and she opened it, frowning as the bad memories came flooding back. It was addressed to her, but it was for her old position with the company as Director of Sales, the job that Wendel now had.

Her lower lip quivered and she let out a little whimper as the memories of her foolish attempt at doing a job that was way beyond her skill level crashed over her. Oh sure, she’d managed to bluff her way through the interview and even managed to avoid getting caught for two whole years. But eventually it had caught up to her, Wendel had confronted her about it during his performance review.

She’d cursed at him of course, trying to deny it, she could even still remember the burning rage she felt at his accusation seemed so ridiculous. But then, something in the back of her mind had clicked, and suddenly she broke down, weeping uncontrollably as she apologized to him.

He’d been so understanding, agreeing not to tell anyone about it as long as she resigned and recommended him for her replacement. She’d walked right out of the meeting with him and right in to the CEO’s office to do just that.

The CEO didn’t seem surprised at all and accepted her resignation on the spot, calling Wendel in right after her to promote him. When Wendel returned, she was cleaning out her desk, but instead of telling her to hurry up he offered her the position as his personal assistant. She was flabbergasted and quickly agreed to it, taking a huge pay cut, but she didn’t care.

She’d had to move in to a much smaller apartment, sell off her expensive car, and even most of her designer clothing. Wendel expected his PA to have a certain look and she spent the next few months making sure she met his expectations to a T.

Time at the gym, a good plastic surgeon and a whole new wardrobe had ensured that she’d kept her job so far, but she knew that any little slip up could change that.

Dayna clicked on the forward button and sent the e-mail off to Wendel, then her computer screen flickered for a moment and she let out a little gasp as a small orgasm came over her.

It was a few minutes later when a man cleared his throat beside her and she pulled herself away from the monitor, “Oh! Hi! You must be Wendel’s 9:30!” she uttered quickly as she jumped up from her desk, sending her tits bouncing up and down.

The man stared at them and Dayna felt a familiar tingle in her pussy at the attention, “Right this way Sir.” she said and wiggled her ass as she led the man in to Wendel’s office.

A few minutes later she was in the bathroom, furiously rubbing away at her clit as she bit down on a pencil between her teeth and a larger orgasm crested as the image of Wendel’s face filled her mind.

It was getting harder and harder to make it more than a few hours without masturbating. Wendel hadn’t noticed yet, but he would soon and then she was going to have to tell him the truth. She desperately needed his cock inside of her, even if that meant he had to fire her.

The past few nights she’d dreamt of how it would go, her head hung low as she blushed furiously at the revelation. Wendel looking sternly down at her as said how disappointed he was in her. The fire in her pussy as he did so. His hand on her arm as he twirled her around and bent her over his desk. The feel of the cool air on her ass as he pulled up her skirt. The feel of his cock sliding in side of her as he said the words she knew were coming, “You’re fired slut.”

Another small orgasm came over her and a broad smile crossed her lips, she could see in her mind’s eye the exact outfit she’d be wearing when he did it, she’d just bought it the other day.