Kimmy bit her thumb nail and looked down at me sitting in the booth, her lips formed even more of a pout as she bounced up and down a bit before speaking, “Pllllleeeeeaassssseeeee!?!” she whined and I smiled back.

Kimmy was an insatiable cock tease, and by that I mean and insatiable cock sucker as she never teased without following through. She was getting desperate, I hadn’t let her suck me off before coming out to the club and we’d been here for over an hour. That meant she’d gone without a dick between her lips for a least four hours and that was probably some kind of record.

Well, at least since she’d undergone her changes of course. Six months ago she’d never have taken a dick between the two small lips that adorned the scowling, man hating face that was often found behind a protest sign of one kind or another.

I’d met her one night when she was protesting just outside one of my favorite restaurants, a steak house that had the best selection of meat in the city. Her sign had been some kind of rant on animal rights on one side and the benefits of veganism on the other, but I hadn’t paid it much attention.

At least I hadn’t until I came out of the restaurant after a glorious meal and she’d tossed a bottle of cow blood on to my suit.

The other protesters had scattered, knowing the police would be on the way, but she’d stood right in my face and attempted to dress me down as if I was worse than a serial killer. I had to be honest, I was kind of impressed at her spirit, if not her tactics.

A few minutes later when the police arrived, she was much calmer, docile even. The police officers seemed confused when I refused to press charges and even more so when she apologized to me right in front of them. One of the officers even pulled me aside and recounted several similar stories about her and nearly begged me to press charges so they could get her off the street. But they eventually left and Kimberly and I walked away from the restaurant, not arm in arm, but together.

We arrive back at her apartment a short time later where I found one of the other protesters waiting for her to return home. I simply reached out and turned off her mind, watching her crumple on to the couch as I got to work in earnest on Kimmy.

I probably would have let her go with just some minor tweaks, a little more respect for others, etc. But once inside of her mind the hate and vitriol was a bubbling cauldron unlike anything I’d seen in years and it intrigued me. And to go along with that, she’d found a few weak-willed followers, like her roommate passed out on the couch, to infect as well.

I peeled back the layers until I found the root of the issue, a large family with her being the youngest. Desperate for attention, her older siblings had monopolized all of the standard tropes and so she’d started acting out. That had only made things worse and when her parents had split up, it only re-enforced the problems.

I had smiled as I twisted her hate in to another direction. Gone were the rebellion and acting out, replaced with conformity and sexuality. Her mind did the rest of the work, reshaping around its new reality until I let her collapse on to the couch beside her roommate.

The roommate was easier to handle, she was a good-hearted person and a simple tweak to make her more self-confident would send her down a much better path in life. I had visited several other of her friends over the next few hours, making small adjustments to undo the damage Kimmy had done to them over the years.

Then I went on about my life, having done something for the greater good, which always seemed like a reasonable thing to do once in a while.

Of course I’d left a small trigger in Kimmy’s mind before I left her, and three months later she showed up on my doorstep. The bleached blonde hair, the vacant eyes, the puffy lips, the tiny waist, the huge tits and impractical nails were all new, but the thing that stood out was the smile on her lips.

It went far deeper than her face, extending all the way to the very back of her mind, she was happy and she wanted the whole world to know it.

“OH MY GOD! Like hi!” she squealed as she entered my home, her heels clicking on the marble floor of the entranceway. I closed the door behind her and she wiggled a few steps more before turning back to me and giggling, nearly uncontrollably.

“Like, I’m so totally excited to finally be here!” she cried out and I smiled back at her.

“Oh, and why is that?” I asked.

I confused look crossed her face for a moment, “Uhm, like, let me show you?” she half asked as she knelt down in front of me and undid my pants, fishing by cock out and taking between her lips.

Minutes later she swallowed every last drop of my load and orgasmed herself.

She’d been sucking at least three cocks a day since then, eagerly seeking out men to service as I paraded her around town.

“Plllleeeeeeassseeeeee can I suck his cock?” Kimmy asked once more with another pout and I nodded as she let out a squeal and headed back out on to the dance floor where her latest target was. She never sucked any cock without my permission of course and sometimes I liked to deny her for a few hours like I had tonight. The few men I had spoken to afterwards all reported back the blowjob of their lives. Those, pretty much of the men that Kimmy serviced did the same.

I watched her rub her body up against the anonymous strange, her fingers reaching down and rubbing his crotch as she did so, soon they were headed off the dance floor to find a semi-private area for her to do her work.

I let out a little chuckle, Kimmy was technically still vegan, that had not been something that had stemmed from her other problems, but instead from a heart-felt sympathy for the animals. I didn’t change that even though I didn’t agree with it, but these days she ate as much man meat as she could to make up for it, and she seemed quite happy about that.