Jenna adjusted her glasses and looked over at Michael, her eyes drifted around the living room of his condo and she felt a sense of pride at the work she’d done for him. Oh, it wasn’t a big reno by any means, she’d built entire custom homes before, but this was the first condo she’d done and she was hopping to get a lot more like it.

“So Michael, are you happy with the work? Anything that needs to be addressed before you sign off on the final completion?” she asked, taking a step towards the couch he was sitting in. The final papers were laid out in front of him on the coffee table, a pen waiting to be used.

“Oh, I think it looks marvelous Jenna.” he replied, his eyes never leaving her tits.

She half rolled her eyes, knowing he’d never noticed as she gave her tits a little jiggle, the nipples almost come out from behind the jean dress she was wearing.

She’d just finished up yet another long grueling reno outside of the city when she’d started this job, it was one of the reasons she’d taken it. Something small, easy, and that she could hire sub-contractors to do all the work for.

It was her plan for the future, get out of doing the day-to-day work and instead reap the rewards of the work of others. And it had worked better than she expected, she’d been able to spend a lot of the last four months on herself with all of her free time.

For what should have been a simple job it had gone on longer than she expected, but city slickers like Michael were hard to please, always finding little things to complain about. And he did so in a constant stream of e-mails that seemed to send her phone in to conniption fits each time she opened one.

It had worked out for the best though, she’d had so little time for work that he was the only client she’d had. She’d spent so much time at the salon, undoing all those years of callouses and damage she’d done to her skin. Finding the surgeon and recovering from the implants. All those hours at the gym on the cardio machine now that she wasn’t lifting heavy material around all day. Going to the laser eye clinic to correct her vision, she only wore the glasses now for effect.

It had all taken much longer than she’d thought, but it had been worth it.

“So, your all ready to sign off so I get paid finally?” she asked, raising an eyebrow as she leaned over the coffee table and shuffled the papers around, giving him a good look at her cleavage.

“Yes, yes I think I am.” he replied, leaning forward and taking the pen between his fingers and starting to sign.

Jenna felt a tingle run down her spine and her nipples harden as he stroked the pen too and fro. He slapped the pen down on to the table after finishing and she gasped just slightly.

“And now I believe it’s time to collect your payment.” he said with a wicked grin and a smile crossed her lips as she walked around the coffee table to stand between his legs. She pushed the table back with her legs and the dropped to her knees, eager to collect on a job well done.

Her fingers quickly undid his zipper and she pulled his pants down, then her lips wrapped around his dick and she started to bob up and down. She worked hard for her payment, it was so close she could almost smell it. And then, just before it arrived, she popped off of his shaft and received it all over her face and tits.

She orgasmed as each spurt hit her.

Jenna looked up at Michael from between his legs, a smile across her face along with his cum.

“Yes, yes I think my renovation of you is all complete Jenna, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Oh yes Master, I’m your horny little trophy fuck doll now. I can’t wait for you to make more renovations to me.” she replied and her pussy tingled with excitement with what she knew would come in the future. After all, just like with a home, a Master was never done renovating his trophy fuck doll.