Jilly tugged at her long platinum blonde hair as she stared straight ahead at the camera as the flash went off once more. She blinked several times as yet another button on her top popped open and she let out a small squeak.

“Like, what’s happening?” she finally managed to get out from between the two large pillows that adorned her face.

Something was wrong. She’d come to the photo shoot her agent had set up for her a short-cropped brunette, hadn’t she?

It was the first job he’d managed to get her in months, after all there wasn’t much demand for her kind of ‘alternative’ modeling. Her arms were covered in tattoos, her face had several piercings on it and many would have mistaken her flat body for a mans. Her manager had been trying to get her to change her look since he signed her up, but she was having none of it, even if it meant she was broke.

The flash of the camera caught her off guard again and this time she let out a low moan as her hand dropped her hair and went for her chest instead.

“Alright Jilly, why don’t you take that top off now?” Mike the photographer asked.

She scrunched her forehead in thought, she had a strict no nudity clause in her contract didn’t she?

It didn’t seem to matter though, her fingers had already pulled what remained of the top to one side so they could get to her nipple and she let out a louder moan as they pinched and pulled at it. By the time she managed to get herself focused once more on what was happening, what was left of her top was on the ground and her hands were still squeezing and playing with her tits.

Tits? She didn’t have tits did she?

She looked down at them and gasped at the two large round globes that stuck out from her chest. They were tits, there was no other way to describe them, “Like, oh my god! My titties!” she squealed once more as he mouth hung open.

“That’s right Jilly, big fake tits. Now why don’t you take that skirt off too.” Mike said as the flash went off once more.

Before she knew what was happening she was naked, sitting on the floor, a dildo in each hand that she had never seen before. Then one was between her lips and the other in her pussy as she masturbated and the flashed kept going off.

Mike’s phone rang and he swiped on the screen to answer it, “Is she ready yet?” the voice of her manager asked on the other end.

“Just about, here take a listen…” Mike replied and stepped in front of the camera, bend over and gently pulled the dildo from Jilly’s mouth while he held the phone close by.

“Nooooooooo…” Jilly whined, “Like, Jilly needs to suck!” she continued on just before Mike released the dildo and she plunged it back between her lips.

“Another twenty minutes and she’ll be ready to pick up.” Mike said raising the phone back to his ear.

“Good, the client needs her for a video shoot tonight. I’ll text you the details.”

“Not a problem, I’m sure he’ll be quite happy with your new porn starlet. And Jilly will be only too happy to take whatever kind of assignment you have for her from now on.”

“Perfect.” the manager replied and hung up, a minute later a text message arrived with the details.

Mike smiled and undid his pants, Jilly’s eyes turning to his exposed manhood but not removing the dildo from between her mouth until she was sure she could get her lips wrapped around the real thing.

“Ok Jilly, time to do a quality control check. Make sure you suck every last drop from me.”

Jilly giggled even though her mouth was full as she stroked up and down Mike’s hard shaft until he finally released his cum in to her mouth. She waited until every last drop was out before she opened her mouth to show him she’d done a good job and then swallowed it, her own orgasm coming only as she did.