“*giggle* Like hiya boss!” Tammi the brunette said as she leaned over to let Lenny get a good look at her tits but she immediately felt Jenni wrap her arms around her and try to steal his attention away.

“Lenny!” Jenni squealed as she hugged Tammi and rocked her from side to side.

Tammi did the best she could, keeping her fake smile plastered across her face as the blonde reached up and jiggled Tammi’s tits as Jenni puckered up and winked at Lenny.

“Hey, there are my two best girls!” Lenny replied with a smile that sent a chill right in to Tammi’s pussy, and she knew it did the same for Jenni.

The two of them had started at Lenny’s club a few months ago at the same time and a competition between them had started shortly after. At first, neither had been interested in Lenny. It was a good twenty years older than them, balding, with a bit of a gut, and treated them like sex objects to parade around his club for the customers to ogle.

But it wasn’t long before both of their opinions started to change. It was little things at first, Jenni had touched his arm one day when they were chatting and for some reason a little tickle of jealousy had wiggled its way in the back of Tammi’s mind.

Tammi had decided to one up Jenni the next day and not only touch Lenny’s arm, but played with her hair at the same time.

It had escalated from there until now Tammi could feel Jenni’s tongue gently probing her ear and Tammi could do nothing but softly moan as she did so.

Tammi managed to stop moaning long enough to open her lips and say what she’d been planning on since yesterday, “Say Lenny… uhm… can, like, I talk to you… in your office?”

“Sure Tammi, give me 5 minutes and then come on back. Oh and Jenni, why don’t you drop by my office in 10 minutes?”

“Of course Lenny, anything for you!” Jenni chirped and finally let go of Tammi’s tits. Tammi wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not, she did very much like it when Jenni played with them, but it was important to talk to Lenny alone and so as he walked back to his office she put some distance between herself and Jenni.

Five minutes later she was gently knocking of Lenny’s door, “Come in.” his voice said from behind it and she opened the door and stepped in.

Jenni knocked on Lenny’s door exactly 10 minutes after he’d spoken to her, her pussy was a buzz as she knew Tammi had moved first and she’d been in there for a whole five minutes alone with him.

“Come in.” Lenny’s voice called from the other side and she opened the door, stepped in and quickly closed it behind her.

Her mouth fell open and she gasped as she saw Tammi on her knees, her ass stretching her black dress sticking out from the side of the desk as she sucked Lenny off.

‘The dirty slut!’ she thought to herself, ‘She beat me to it!’

“Well Jenni, what are you waiting for?” Lenny asked and Jenni instantly knew what to do. If Tammi was being a slut, she’d just have to be a bigger slut to compete.

Jenni quickly stripped naked, walked around the desk, grabbed Tammi by the hair and pulled her up and off of Lenny’s shaft, “That’s my cock slut!” she cried out and pushed Tammi’s face in to her naked pussy before bending over and wrapping her lips around Lenny’s rock hard dick.

Minutes later Jenni took Lenny’s load in to her mouth, sending an orgasm through her as she squeezed Tammi’s face between her legs. Jenni felt Tammi’s orgasm as her juices covered her face and a second small orgasm came over her.

“Fuck girls, you’re just the best.” Lenny said as he leaned back in his chair, “Now get cleaned up and get back out on to the floor.”

Jenni stood upright and grabbed Tammi by the hair once more, but this time she leaned over and kissed her passionately, savoring her own juices still on Tammi’s lips.

She finally broke the kiss and stood back up, “Come on slut, it’s time to shake those tits and ass for the customers.” Jenni said and stepped around the desk and put her dress back on.

Tammi stood up joined Jenni at the front of the desk, “Yes Jenni.” she said, her head half bowed and her hands clasped behind her.

Tammi knew she’d lost the competition, Jenni was the better slut than her and Lenny had christened her as such when he’d unloaded in her mouth.

But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, after all Jenni would probably be spending more time playing with her tits and they both would be spending more time with Lenny.

Tammi quietly followed Jenni out of Lenny’s office and in to the change room where they could both get freshened up before finishing their shifts at the club.

Maybe Jenni would take her home tonight and play with her some more, the only thing Tammi wanted at the moment was for Lenny to take them both home.

Lenny unlocked his computer and looked at the status displayed on-screen, the program having been sending subliminals through the audio system for weeks had finally shown green across the board.

He was never sure exactly how each subject would react to the messages, and often they didn’t at all. But the feedback loop that Tammi and Jenni had started had finally come to its inevitable conclusion, with one of them coming out on top.

He was a little surprised that the blonde had been the more dominant one, but it was always hard to tell just by looking at them and he was quite happy with the results.

He doubted that either of them had even the slightest lesbian tendencies before, and still really didn’t, but it was just that the looser had been conditioned to completely submit to the winner.

He wondered if Jenni would let Tammi have a cock ever again or just keep her as her own private pussy licker while she took the cocks. Either way it made little difference to him, he’d enjoy the both of them for a while before sending them on to one of the long list of clients he had on his waiting list.

After all, while his club was doing great, it hardly compared to his side business selling horny little fuck toys to those that could afford them.