A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday March 28, 2019

Carol rolled her eyes as she sat behind the reception desk of the hotel, “Yes sir, I know sir, I’m sorry the room wasn’t to your liking sir.” she said trying to get a word in edgewise at the irate customer in room 213. He was like many of the customers she had to deal with, hardheaded dicks that only thought of themselves.

It was like the world was coming to an end because he found a smudge on one of his bath towels and now he was yelling at her, as if she could make the stain magically disappear.

Well, perhaps she could being one of the cities mightiest superheroines, but he certainly didn’t know that.

She suppressed a heavy sigh and continued to try and calm him down to no avail. If she’d been out on patrol as Sonic Girl and encountered such a rude person she’d have easily intimidated him until he cowered in her presence. But here, in her secret identity, she had no choice but to let him rant on until he finally ran out of steam.

In the end it was a simple credit to his hotel bill and a promise of extra towels for the next day that finally got him to hang up.

She look out the window at the glorious morning, wishing it would pass quickly so she could once more prowl the night. But alas, while her passion was her hero work, what paid the bills was her menial work at the hotel. After all it was hard to keep any kind of job with the kinds of hours she kept, she was lucky to have this one.

She heard the lobby door open and she looked up over the counter, standing as a man dragging a large suit case behind him entered the hotel. She quickly adjusted the tight bun her golden hair was in and pulled her sharp jacket down after doing it up once more.

“Good morning and welcome to the Castle Suites. I’m Carol, how can I help you this morning?” she asked, putting on best smile.

The man looked too an fro, as if he was expecting something to happen and it set the hairs on the back of Carol’s neck on end. There was something very shady about him. Who wore a hat and trench coat on such a sunny day? It wasn’t like it was cold out or anything.

“Yes… yes I need a room. The largest one you have.” he replied quickly, his eyes still darting around.

“Oh, well that would be the honeymoon suite but it’s currently occupied. Perhaps I can interest you in…” she started to say but the man frowned intently as he reached in to his jacket and pulled out a small palm sized device and held it up to her.

It flash so intensely she had to shut her eyes, but only for a moment as the initial flash faded and was replaced with a swirling kaleidoscope of colours.

She instantly knew who he was and tried to look away, The Calico Man was a well know villain, even if he hadn’t been seen in years. But it was too late, her eyes widened as the spiral drew her in deeper and deeper in to its power.

“Now, if you’d kindly make me a room key for the honeymoon suite, I’ll get the current tenants to vacate it.”

“Yes sir.” she replied, her mind no longer being able to conceive of saying no to her new master. A quick set of command on her computer and a new door key was in her hand and then in his.

He took a single step towards the elevators before thinking twice and turning back to her, “You’ll make sure I’m not disturbed. If anyone comes to the hotel who doesn’t have a reservation, tell them you are fully booked up. Is there anything else I need to know Carol?”

Her lips moved on their own, “Of course sir. Yes sir. You should know that this is just my day job, I’m actually Sonic Girl.”

That raised an eyebrow as he took a step back to the counter, “Really? Well isn’t that interesting. When your shift is over, come up to the honeymoon suite and see me.”

“Yes sir.” she replied as he walked away from the reception area.

Carol had been in the honeymoon suite for three days, helping The Calico Man set up his equipment that he’d been bringing in to the hotel piece by piece. The room was filled with high-tech gear, antenni and other equipment that she had no idea what it did.

He’d been entrancing each of the hotel employee’s with his hand-held device as they came on shift and likewise emptying out the hotel of all of the guests. At this point, other than the two of them, there was only a skeleton staff on duty.

Finally he seemed satisfied with his preparations and smiled at the myriad of flashing lights, “Do you want to know what this does Sonic Girl?” he asked, turning to her standing across the room.

It was the first question he’d asked of her in the three days she’d been helping him. Oh he’d given her lots of commands, and she’d obeyed all of them, but he’d treated her like no more than a forklift.

“Yes sir.” she replied truthfully.

“In a moment, it’s going to blanket the city in a field that will make everyone forget about me. All I’ve wanted these past few years was to retire and live a quite life, but nooooooo… you do gooding fools just can’t leave me alone! Just last week another one of you broke down my door, trashed my place and tried to drag me off to jail! I’m tired of it and so I came up with this plan. It was only pure luck that I stumbled upon you, this hotel just happened to be in the exact center of the city.”

He monologued for a few more minutes before noticing that there really wasn’t anyone paying attention to him, “Well anyways, it’s time to get this show on the road…” he finally finished and flipped a large red switch.

A pulse shot out from the machinery and Carol’s head hurt for just a second before everything seemed normal again.

Oh she still new The Calico Man was her master and that she would obey his every command without question, but her head no longer hurt, and that was good.

Carol stood by the pool, her tight blue latex “uniform” a sexy parody or her old one as Sonic Girl, as she looked over at her Master lounging under an umbrella. It had been a month since he’d switched on his machine and it had worked perfectly, well with two minor exception.

It only worked as long as it was turned on and it required daily adjustments.

That had meant that he’d been unable to leave the hotel, which wasn’t as bad as it sounded. He’d simply moved in to one of the other suites and let the staff continue to serve as his personal staff.

He’d had Janet, the hotel manager, arrange for the owners to drop by and after a quick session with his palm held device, they had no problem signing the hotel over to him.

Of course now that the hotel was no longer accepting guests, Carol didn’t need to work the front desk and so she’d become sort a of girl Friday to him. Making sure his very want and desire was taken care of. He’d even had her new uniform made for her.

Her master stirred and raised his sunglasses as he looked over at her, a smile crossing his lips as in beckoned her over to him. She wiggled her way over to him and smiled back, “Hello sir, how may I serve you?”

“I think its time for another sonic blowjob.” he replied.

“Oh yes sir!” she said as she dropped to her knees beside him and pulled his swim trunks down. She’d been getting a lot of practice on this lately and she was getting much better at it.

The first time she’d tried to combine her sonic abilities with a blow job, to enhance the pleasure, it had been a disaster. She’d overdone it and he’d blown his load in to her mouth after just a few seconds.

But like anything, practice makes perfect and she could now keep him hard for as long as he wanted.

Her lips wrapped around his soft dick and her powers came to life, hardening it instantly. Her head bobbed up and down as she took him deep in to her throat, her power amplifying the sounds of her own moans, slurps and gurgles.

She loved her new position in the hotel, after all, the only hard dick she had to deal with now was the one that was in her mouth.

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