Tammi listened to his voice in her ears as she stared into her phone, “Are you ready?”, he asked.

“Yes Sir.” she replied almost giddy in anticipation.

Suddenly the small black egg like object that nestled between her tits started to vibrate and she watched her tits jiggle in response as waves of tit flesh rippled out from it.

Her mouth dropped open as a gasp escaped her lips, “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! YES!!!!!” she cried as the pleasure crashed over her. She watched as her already massive tits pushed outward, wrapping around the black object and almost obscuring it from view as the ripples finally receded.

“Thank you Sir!” she cried out as she titled the phone down so he could see the results and her free hand pulled her top to the sides, her hard nipples standing at attention for him. She squeezed one of her nipples and moaned. Then slapped her tit and giggled. Minutes later, still playing with her tits, her orgasm crested and she dropped her phone as her whole body collapsed on to the floor.

The voice in her ear seemed distant and the words brought another small orgasm to her, “Good girl.”

Tamara did a double take as she looked at her computer screen, the ad taking up nearly half of her screen. But it wasn’t the intrusiveness of the ad that surprised her, after all, that was pretty standard these days on the Internet, but instead it was the content, “Tired of having small breasts? Try the new OnyxEgg ™, guaranteed to give you the results you want or your money back!”

It looked professional and the link was to one of the big, reputable, online market places… but could it really do anything for her?

She looked down, her long brown hair draping over her tiny A cups that she hid behind a thick sweeter. She looked back at the screen and pushed her glasses back up her nose, ‘Well it was a money back guarantee, why not?’ she thought as she click on the ad.

Tamara stood in front of the mirror, the OnyxEgg sitting against her almost flat chest, holding her phone as she stood in a simply bra and dialed the number on the instruction sheet and listened to the ringing of the phone.

“Hello, and welcome to OnyxEgg customer service! I’m Kevin, how can I help you today?”

“Hi Kevin… I’ve just received my OnyxEgg…” Tamara started to say a little nerviously.

“That’s great! Can I get your name and phone number please?”

“Sure… Tamara Bracken… 555-555-5555.” Tamara replied.

“Alright Tamara, nice to meet you. Have you gone through the pairing instructions yet for the OnyxEgg to your phone.”

“Yes, I’m looking at the screen now, it says 100% signal strength.”

“Perfect. Alright then, let’s get started…” he said as he tapped away at his keyboard, a message box popped up on to her screen, “Approve connection to OnyxEgg Inc.? (click below for terms of service and privacy policy)”, along with a simple yes/no buttons and a tiny link below them.

“Ok, you should see my connection request, just hit yes and we can get started.”

Tamara quickly clicked on yes and the message disappeared.

“Ok Tamara, what are your goals with the OnyxEgg?”

“Well, I’d like to get up to a large B, maybe a small C if that’s possible.”

“Of course, that should be no problem.”

The OnyxEgg suddenly started to vibrate and a wave of pleasure came over Tamara as concentric rings of ripples washed over her chest.

Kevin looked at his screen, in the top left segment was a map with a green pin in its center along with a dozen or so red pins encircling it at different distances. Below the map was a list of details on his latest client, including height, weight, age, measurements, location, relationship status, sexual preferences, etc.

The majority of the screen was taken up by a virtual representation of Tamara with a small command window at the bottom of it. Being a new client, the OnyxEgg would take some time to make the changes she had request and so Kevin moved his mouse over to the map and selected the closest red pin to Tamara’s green.

Up popped at detail box of the client, it was a woman looking for a lesbian lover, but had specified someone of Latino heritage. He closed the pop-up and moved on to the next red pin, reading the details he smiled and clicked the button at the bottom of it labeled “Assign”. All of the other pins disappeared and the map zoomed in, then a moment later the virtual image of Tamara shrunk as a client plan replaced it.

Kevin read through it, it was extensive and would take several weeks to complete, but he saw no showstoppers and so clicked on the button at the bottom of the plan labeled “Approve”

Tamara looked down after the small orgasm passed and saw her nice firm breasts, they were at least a B cup and she smiled and felt one with her free hand.

“So Tamara, are you stratified with the results?”

“Absolutely Kevin, it’s amazing!”

“That’s great, if there’s anything else you need, just call back any time. I’ve been assigned as your personal client support rep and am here to help in any way I can.”

“Thanks Kevin!” she replied and hung up. She posed in front of the mirror of several minutes, taking her bra off and feeling her new breasts and was simply stunned at how amazing they felt.

She’d always wanted larger breasts and now she had them! They were the perfect size and she could ask for anything more… could she?

A small doubt crept in to the back of her mind, she’d never thought of going any bigger, but if these small breasts felt this good, what would larger ones feel like?

A smile crept across her lips as she imagined herself with larger breasts…. maybe a large C cup… or even dare she think it… a set of D’s?

No… surely not D’s, those were too big? Weren’t they? Only porn stars and sluts had tits that big!

The word sent a shiver down her spine… tits. She was right of course, only horny bleached blonde sluts had tits that big.

Without realizing it her fingers had found her nipples and started to roll them as her mind wandered further and further down the rabbit hole, until a slightly larger orgasm came over her.

Maybe she’d have to give Kevin a call back in a day or two… after she’d had a chance to get use to her new breasts of course, it wasn’t like she was going to go overboard on the first time after all.