SolarGirl stood in the chamber as the blue light flooded it, she felt her strength leaving her once more as the rays penetrated her body. She stayed there for a few more minutes until the feeling subsided and she then stepped from the chamber and out in to the lab once more.

There was no one there of course, it was too early for Dex to be up yet and besides which, she’d done this every day for the last six months, since Dex had defeated her.

It was just part of her daily routine now, like waking him up with a blow job, or being tied up in the dungeon and having her ass whipped.

She’d fought it at first of course, but now these things only brought her pleasure and she was grateful to Dex for each and every one of them.

Fully depowered for the day, SolarGirl walked from the lab and headed back to her room for a quick shower along with re-applying her makeup and doing her hair. Then, right on time, she walked down to Dex’s bedroom, slipped under the sheets and took his morning wood in to her mouth.

“Ah, SolarGirl, you’ve gotten so much better at giving head…” Dex’s groggy voice said as he woke from his slumber.

It was true, she’d been terrible at first, having no idea how to please a man, but Dex had given her all kinds of training material and now she was a blowjob queen.

Eventually his cum filled her mouth and she swallowed every last drop of it.

An hour later he had left for the day and she proceeded to her daily routine. Cleaning the mansion, masturbating to porn, and sending Dex a series of selfie’s while she did so.

Later, when Dex returned, he took her down to the dungeon and strapped her on to a “wooden horse” made of steel. Soon she felt the sting of the whip on her flesh and she cried out for more.

Then, he thrust his shaft in to her dripping wet pussy and everything changed.

Gone was the conditioning he’d spent weeks programming in to her mind, she was free once more! She cried out, screaming at Dex as he continued to fuck her. She struggled against the bonds that held her down, her super strength starting to return but still not able to overcome the steel that bound her.

And then she felt him release inside of her, her mind spinning out of control as the orgasm of her body betrayed her and her body tensed, the steel of the horse straining to contain her.

Dex pulled out of her, his cum running down her thigh, as the conditioning once more settle in to her mind. Her daily chance at freedom once more lost, all she could do was swear she would escape tomorrow, like she had for months, when the routine would start all over again.