A hands on kind of leader...

Monday April 22, 2019

“Damus Veratu Sumonous!” Irene shouted out as she held the old musty book in one hand and drew the arcane symbols in the air with her other one.

As she spoke the last of the words the fire in front of her roared to life and from its center the demoness arose. It stretched its naked blood red body up towards the heavens as it let out a howl that surely scared away everything within a several kilometers.

Finally, satisfied with itself, it turned its gaze on to her, “Why have you summoned me mortal?” the creature asked, it’s gaze sending a shiver down Irene’s spine.

“I… I have summoned you to make a bargain.” Irene replied, growing more confident with each word as it became clear the demoness was contained by the spell, else she would have already been dead.

“A bargain you say? Humans have so little of value to me, why should I bargain with you?” the demoness replied, parting her lips in a smile and showing a mouth full of fangs.

“Because… because I have trapped you in the flames, you cannot leave and when they die out, you shall go back to hell empty-handed if you do not.” Irene was taken by surprise at the question, didn’t demonesss want to make deals?

The toothy smiled widened even more, “You are mistaken, I came because it suited me, not because you summoned me…” the demoness replied as she stepped from the center of the flames toward Irene.

Realizing she had done something wrong, Irene panicked, turning to run, to flee for her life. She managed to turn from the fire but was met with the gaze of the demoness standing in front of her. Before she could scream, the demoness’ hand, it’s long black claw like hails, was wrapped around her throat and lifted her from her feet. A quick flick of the demoness’ wrist pushed her back and upwards slightly where she hung in mid-air.

“Now, let me see what I have to work with…” the demoness said, Irene no longer able to form any kind of sound in sheer terror, remained silent. The demoness extended on of her fingers, the fingernail easily slicing through Irene’s clothing until they lay on the dirt below her.

The demoness walked once around Irene, inspecting her thin frame, her small breasts, her mousey brown hair until she arrived back in front of Irene.

“So disappointing… but I guess a challenge is better than nothing. Now then, you wish to make a bargain…”

“Yes! Please… just don’t kill me!” Irene cried out, her voice returning to her as she begged for her life.

“So be it… your soul for your life.” the demoness said, taking Irene’s right hand in to her own before running her razor-sharp nail across her palm. The Demoness did the same with her own palm and placed the two together, “Now say it.”

“I… yes… I agree… my soul for my life.” Irene felt a pulse of magic run through her palm as she said the words and she let out a gasp.

“Very good.” the demoness replied and then knelt down on to the ground between Irene’s legs. A moment later Irene felt the demoness’ long slender tongue slip in to her pussy and she cried out in surprise.

But her cries didn’t last long as the demoness’ deft tongue soon was delivering pleasure that Irene could not ignore. But the pleasure was only part of it, there was something else, like her very essence was being drawn out of her body at the same time.

Irene then realized the demoness was fulfilling the bargain, slowly sucking her soul from her body. It felt far better than she imagined, and as the last trickles of it left her, she orgasmed like she had never done before.

The demoness rose from between Irene’s legs and stood before her once more, “Mmmm… such an innocent soul, a fine meal, the first of many.” the demoness said and waved her hand, dropping Irene back down on to her feet.

Irene looked at the demoness in awe, she had Irene’s soul inside of her, Irene could feel it. It called to Irene, but she knew it was no longer her, “Mistress, how may I serve you?” Irene asked of the demoness.

“I have need of transportation… you have summoned me far from any other humans and I have work to do.”

“My car…” Irene replied as she waved over at her beat up Camery.

“Is not appropriate to be my chariot…” the demoness replied, as she waved her hand towards the car and it twisted in on to itself, the metal squealing and screeching as it reformed. When it was done, a real chariot stood in its place. It was adorned with horrific scenes of demons committing atrocities to morals.

Irene wanted to recoil in horror but instead remained still as the demoness turned once more to her, “Come.” was all the demoness said as she walked towards the chariot, when they arrived at it the demoness pointed to the space between the two poles that stuck out from it. Irene stood between them as the demoness waved her hand once more and Irene felt her body start to twist and reshape.

Her hair darkened to a jet black and flowed down her back, only to be collected up to the top of her head as a bridal and bit formed on her head along with a set of blinders. Her shoulders widened and her arms grew stronger as her breasts grew large and round. The bridal chains dropped down from her bit and connected to the two rings that formed in her nipples. Her buttock and leg muscles grew stronger as she felt something push in to her ass, followed by the feeling of more hair brushing against the back of her legs. Finally her feet pushed her up on to her toes as she felt metal horse shoes form on the bottoms of what little of her feet touched the ground.

Her hands reached down and grasped the poles, lifting the chariot to level as the demoness walked around behind it and took the reigns. A quick flick of the whip landed on Irene’s naked ass cheek and she let out a whinney and lurched forward.

The chariot raced across the desert at inhuman speeds as the demoness tugged on the reigns; left, then right, then left again. Each tug pulling fiercely at Irene’s nipple and sending a wave of pleasure through her as she obeyed each command the demoness gave her.

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