A hands on kind of leader...

Monday April 29, 2019

Miranda looked at the blonde bimbo, half-naked with her massive tits sticking out from her chest, and frowned, “Do you have no self-respect, cover yourself up!” Miranda said throwing a towel from the table by the door at her.

“Like, ok!” the blonde replied and wrapped the towel around her waist, failing to cover up anything at all.

Miranda just shook her head and left, closing the door behind her. As the manager of the massage parlor she didn’t need to know what went on during the sessions, all of the girls were independent contracts and responsible for their own work. The parlor simply rented them the space, by the hour, along with selling them the various supplies they needed.

She returned to her small office, slumped in her chair and let out a sigh. She still couldn’t believe it had come to this, she had been so much more just a few months ago. Moving up the corporate ladder, well on her way to becoming VP, she’d gotten so wound up in the #metoo movement that she’d made a sexual harassment claim against the VP above her.

There had been only two problems with it; first the company had flesh-eating lawyers that had torn her life apart, and second that it wasn’t true.

She’d been humiliated and before they could fire her, she’d had to quite. But the company had black balled her, she had no luck finding a job and so she’d stooped to becoming the manager at a massage parlour that was filled with bimbos and sluts.

The owner, Jack, was no better, a sleaze of a man that had leered at her from the moment she’d walked in for he interview. At 26 she was still young and she’d always kept her body in good shape. Her mother had been a model and her father a musician in a band. She’d inherited her mother’s looks and her father’s uncanny ability to think outside the box. The combination had made her a rising star until it had all fallen apart.

It was also her father’s musical background that made this job almost unbearable, the constant musiak that played in the background nearly drove her over the edge each day. Though she had to admit that it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first few days of the new job. She’d gone home those days with a pounding headache and promptly taken a long hot bath to relax. Now though she left with only a little tingle in the back of her head to remind her of how awful the musiak was.

A few minutes later there was a knock on her door, “Come in.” she called out.

The door opened and the big titted bimbo from before stepped in to her office, at least she’d pulled her tight red dress up, “Um, Miss Blake, like, I’ve got a problem in my room.”

“What kind of problem… I’m sorry, what was your name again?”

“Oh, like Bambi!”

Of course it was Miranda thought, “Alright… Bambi, what kind of problem is it?”

“Well, like, I think you should take a look…” Bambi replied, a pout forming on her face.

“Fine, let’s go.”

Miranda followed Bambi back down the hallway and then in to the room, as soon as Bambi stepped to the side, Miranda saw Jack laying naked on the table, his hard dick sticking straight up from his body.

“What the fuck!” Miranda cried out as Bambi closed the door behind her just as Miranda turned to leave.

Then Jack’s voice echoed throughout the room, “Work time Mindy.”

Suddenly the room spun around Miranda, her eyes losing focus as a wave of confusion washed over her. She reached out to grab something, anything, to steady herself, and found Bambi. She clutched on to the blonde bimbo for dear life until finally everything stopped spinning.

Mindy looked up in to Bambi’s face and smiled, “Like, oh my god Bambi!” Mindy cried out and hugged the blonde bimbo.

“Hiya Mindy!” Bambi returned the hug.

“Ladies, I think you have a customer don’t you?” Jack’s voice filled the room once more and Mindy turned to him.

“*giggle* Like, sorry boss! Let me totally get right on that!” Mindy replied with a smile as she sauntered her way over to him. When she arrived she bent over and wrapped her lips around his dick, sucking it in to her mouth.

She was getting better at giving head each time she did it and she couldn’t wait to get paid to do it like Bambi did. But Mindy was still just in training, she still had a long way to go before Jack would let her take real clients like Bambi did.

Jack’s phone rang and looked at it before picking it up and answering the call on his headset, “Hey Don, how are things? Yeah, she’s coming along fine, should be a few more weeks before you can come in for a massage with her. Want to see? Look up at the camera Mindy.”

Mindy looked up as she stroked Jack’s dick in and out of her mouth, “Yeah, good eye. Hey Bambi, get those tits out and get in the shot.”

“Oh my god yes! *giggle*” Bambi said and pulled her dress down, getting just behind Mindy so her tits framed either side of Mindy’s head.

“Yeah, Barbra’s a top earner these days. If you’ve got any more problem managers I’d be happy to take them off your hands… hang on a sec…” Jack said as Mindy felt his shaft stiffen and his cum flow in to her mouth.

She sucked out every last drop, then popped off the end of his dick and open her mouth, showing Jack and the camera the load he’d just given her, before closing it, swallowing it all and then opening it again.

Miranda looked around the room, Bambi standing in front of her, “So what’s the problem?” Miranda asked.

“Oh, like, look!” Bambi said, pointing to the box of wipes on the table that was clearly empty.

“That’s your big problem? You’re out of wipes?”

“Well, like, yeah! *giggle*”

Miranda shook her head and walked back out to the supply cabinet, grabbed a new box and brought it back to Bambi’s room. Then she stormed back to her office and sat down.

She looked her desk, a half empty bottle of water on it and smacked her lips several times, a slight salty taste on her lips. She picked up the water and chugged the rest of it down, mostly cleaning the taste from her mouth.

This job was going to drive her around the bend, either from the musiak or the bimbos she had to deal with every day. A strange though crossed her mind, wouldn’t it be easier to be one of those bimbos?

She shook her head and dislodged the thought, though not entirely. Sure, they made more money than her and were clearly very happy, but… but… no. Well… maybe.

The song that was playing ended and the next one started, grating on her mind. She stood up walked out of her office, the strange taste still on her lips, to find some more water and maybe something else… Her eyes wandered to the doors along the hallway, the sounds of the girls “working” coming from behind them and for some reason she felt a shiver run down her spine and wiggle its way in to her pussy.

She shook her head and breathed in the fresh air as she walked from the front door, maybe, when she returned, she’d do a spot check on the girls. Just to be thorough of course, not because she was secretly hoping to catch one of them in a compromising act or anything.

A smile crossed her lips at the thought as she walked across the street to the variety store. The small dress shop beside it was just closing but one of the trashy dresses caught her eye and she wondered what she might look like in it. She made a mental note to drop by the next day and find out.

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