Many of the records from the cold war bimbo programs have been lost or misplaced, but a few like this one have been discovered even if we don’t have all of the details.

While we know this was the product of one of the Asian cold war bimbo programs, the details have been lost. With no identifying marks, other than the crest on the cap which has not yet been traced to any particular program, we can only speculate on the design parameters of this bimbo.

For example, the clean lines and modest bust, along with the limited specialization, would indicate that this bimbo was destined for civilian infiltration. Perhaps as part of a corporate espionage plot to steal secrets from the west.

However, it may also have been a custom order for a particular target, or just a prototype.

Perhaps one day we will discover more information about this unit, but until then we can only use our imagination as to what her true purpose was.