“Like, Master, Bunny is so confused… who was that woman at the door? She called Bunny by another name…”

“Don’t you worry those pretty little ears of yours for even a second about that nasty woman. She’s gone now and she won’t be troubling you again.” I replied, a warm smile on my face as I walked over to Bunny and reached both of my arms around her, grabbing her ass firmly with both hands.

Bunny giggled and wiggled her ass at my touch, “Oh thank you Master! Bunny won’t! Bunny’s so horny!” was her reply as she wiggled her way so as to face the table before leaning over and placing her hands on it, sticking her ass up as high as she could.

She wiggled her ass under my hands again and the matching jet black fluffy tail that was wedged deep in to her ass bobbed from side to side as well.

Bunny was my latest acquisition, an uptight community “activist” that though her neighbourhood was too good for a strip club and had started to organize protests outside of my business.

Of course she hadn’t realized who she was dealing with, and after taking care of the sheep that she’d cojouled in to joining her “cause”, I’d focused on her. She till had a ways to go, the corset could only do so much, but she was spending several hours in the gym each day and it wouldn’t take long for the rest of the unwanted pounds to fade away.

Though she had strict instructions to keep as much of that ass as she could, and Bunny was all about follow instructions these days.

Unlike her sister that had been at the door a few minutes ago. If Brenda, now Bunny, had been uptight, Barbra her sister could only be described as frigid. The woman had started yelling the moment her mouth opened and she hadn’t stopped until I’d finally reached in to her mind and shut off her ability to speak.

Her eyes had nearly popped out of her head when her voice left her but it didn’t last long as I continued to shuffle around inside of her head. She left without saying another word, but she’d be back, maybe in a month or so.

Unlike her sister, who was just a spoiled housewife that had no entanglements for me to bother with, Barbra had a job and a life that she’d have to leave behind before she could return.

Though it also gave her some time to get ready, because while they were sisters, they did have their differences and I was looking forward to having a matched set of Bunnies in the house for a while.