Talia looked in to the mirror and smiled, she was so close now, was the reflections waist a little smaller than hers still?

Were it’s lips a little plumper still?

It was hard to tell these days, but it hadn’t always been that way. When she’d first rented the apartment and found the large ornate mirror in the second bedroom, she’d wondered who’d left it and why. But now she couldn’t believe her luck that they had.

It had shown her something she had never imagined before, a vision of herself, clad in latex and oozing sex appeal.

She had never thought of herself that way before, but now it was so obvious. She smiled and stood upright, her heels almost sending her reflections head past the frame, but not quite.

And then something caught the corner of her eye at the very other edge of the mirror, a dark shape moved in to view, forming in to a faceless man. She should have been startled, but her reflection wasn’t and so neither was she.

She should have been concerned when the man gripped her reflections hips and then ran his hands up her reflections torso until her gripped her reflections breasts.

She should have done something when he guided her reflections over to the chair, bent her reflections over at the waist and her reflection held on to the arms of it.

She should have stop him when his giant cock slowly slide in to her reflections pussy and started to rhythmically stroke in and out.

Her reflection was being fucked hard and all she could do was watch and wish it was her. So when a pair of hands gripped her hips, all she could do was moan.

When he guided her over to the chair all she could do was gasp.

When his cock pushed in to her all she could do was grunt as he pounded away at her.

When he came inside of her and her own orgasm crashed over her, she realized what she was, a living latex sex doll.

The mirror had been showing her the truth all along, guiding her to becoming what she was destined to be.

She felt his cum dribbling down her inner thigh and manged to stand up, turning to pose and look at who’s it was. She recognized him immediatly, the building manager that had rented the apartment, but now he was more than that, he was her owner.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Dolly.” she replied, a name she would never have thought of before was now the only one that she could think of.

“Very good. There will be a moving crew drop by tomorrow to pick up the mirror. Make sure to give them a blow job for their trouble.”

“Yes Master.”

“Make sure to quit your job on Monday, I have a new one for you.”

“Yes Master.”

Jim left Talia’s apartment with a smile on his face. The mirror never created two the same, but they were always marketable and that was all that mattered. He’d drop by tomorrow with his camera and get her photo’s up on the website, he was sure she’d have a long list of clients in short order.

The mirror would go back in to storage for the time being, all of his apartments were full and he figured it might be awhile before he needed to rent out another. Though one of Bambi’s regulars had started to ask if she might be available for an exclusive arrangement, so perhaps the mirror would get another chance sooner rather than later.

He chuckled as he walked down the hallway, when he took the job as building manager it had only been as a way to get cheap rent and have enough free time to work on his art. But when he’d finally rented out the last unit that had contained the mirror and he’d seen what it had done to the woman that had rented it, well, he wasn’t planning on leaving any time soon.