Tracey was confused, Jim was talking to the other man standing beside him, but for the life of her she couldn’t understand what they were talking *about*.

Oh, she understood the words alright, individually at least, but when she tried to put them together in to a sentence, they just made no sense.

For example, just a moment ago he’d said “Yes, she’s all ready, completely rewritten from the ground up.”

She understood ‘Yes’, it was an affirmation.

She understood ‘she’s’, he was referring to her.

She understood ‘all ready’, something was prepared to be used.

She understood ‘completely’, as in totally.

She understood ‘rewritten’, like the computer programs she worked on.

She understood ‘from the ground up’, as in brand new.

But when she tried to think of the sentence as a whole… nothing.

“Earth to Tracey…” Jim said as he snapped his fingers in front of her face.

“Oh, sorry Jim! *giggle*” she replied, not sure what was funny enough to giggle at, or for that matter when the last time she giggled was, but happy that Jim was talking to her now.

“That’s alright Tracey, I want to introduce you to Paul. Paul, this is Tracey.” she smiled and turned to look at Paul. He was an older gentleman, balding and a little overweight, but seemed nice enough.

“A pleasure…” Paul said and took the hand Tracey extended to him. She smile and let out another giggle.

“Tracey, run program one, assign new owner.” Jim said and there it was again. She knew what each word meant, but just couldn’t figure out the meaning of the sentence. But before she had time to try again, a rush of energy coursed through her and she let out a gasp.

When it passed, she was still holding Paul’s hand, she looked up from it in to Paul’s eyes and she blinked several times as a wide grin came across her face.

How could she have not seen it before!?! Paul was so handsome, and strong, and commanding! The kind of guy she had always been looking for!

Someone who she could see taking her by the hand and leading her in to a better life. No… no leading, commanding. Yes, yes, that was it. He would command her and she would… oh god… she would obey!

Her knees almost gave out from under her as a small orgasm came over her, but she managed to stay upright.

“Go ahead, give her a try.” Jim said and Tracey no longer was concerned at the fact she didn’t under what it mean. In face, Jim no longer concerned her at all.

“Just… just tell her what to do?” Paul asked.


“Alright… Tracey, show me your tits.” Paul said a little hesitantly.

Tracey didn’t hesitate at all and pulled her top to the side, letting her breasts pop free of the dress, “Yes Sir!” she replied as she did.

“Shit, those are impressive Jim.”

“Yeah, she had them before I got to her too.”


“Yeah, apparently she did some stripping to get herself through college.”

Tracey listened to the words, but still didn’t understand the sentences, so just smiled, her breasts hanging out as she waited. Soon they were done talking and Paul commanded her to close up her dress once more. Then he wrapped his arm around her waist and command her to follow him in to her new life as his trophy wife.