Abby looked up at the man standing above her and half smiled, “Hello sir, how may I be of service?” she asked and felt the familiar tingle of the pendant against her skin.

She had come to the resort almost a year ago, having just graduated college, she was looking to relax a bit before starting the new job she’d accepted just that week. She had impressed the interview panel so much that instead of offering her the entry level position she’d applied for, they offered her the team lead instead.

But then, she’d always known she’d move quickly up the corporate ladder. She was driven and capable, two qualities most of her generation seemed to lack completely.

It didn’t hurt that she was drop dead gorgeous as well. That was due to a mix of having amazing parents and being very athletic throughout her high school and college days.

Now of course, those traits made her highly desirable here at the resort. She had just sat down by the pool when the man she was now talking two had approached her, the royal blue towel draped over his shoulders signifying his status as a VIP guest.

He smiled down at her and extended his hand, Abby rose up and took it, standing beside the cot, and then taking a step towards him. He wrapped an arm around her tiny waist and guided her back towards the main resort.

A tiny pang of disappointment crossed her mind, though she didn’t let it show on her face. Ever since she’d gotten her new tits she did so love watching the expression of the other girls around the pool when one of the clients used her in full view of them.

But if the client wanted her back in his room, then that was fine too. After all, maybe someone would use her by the pool this afternoon, or tonight, or tomorrow. All that she knew for sure is that someone would soon, and that was all she really cared about now.