Lana stood on the sidewalk, her head tilted slightly downward and waited. She didn’t know what for, exactly at least, she just knew that she was meant to be right her, right now.

She’d spent hours getting ready for this moment, picking out her clothes, doing her makeup, and her shoes… her shoes had taken almost an hour by themselves. She’d left work eary, something she never did, just so so she could stand right here, in this exact spot, at this exact time.

It was silly of course, the feeling that drove her to be here instead of at home going over more of the papers she needed to read before she went to court the next day. She’d been given a big case for the firm and if she managed to win it she was sure she’d make partner in no time.

She opened her eyes and looked up at the sound of a voice coming from the curb, “Hey babe, you available for a party?”

Her eyes popped open and her jaw dropped, the older, balding man in the expensive luxury car thought she was a street walked!

But then, before her lips could scold him for the insult, her legs moved, taking her towards the car. She bent over at the waist and lean in to the window, flicking her hair back to make sure he had a good look at her breasts, “Hiya babe! Like of course! *giggle*”

“Great, hop in.” he replied and to her horror she did.

He started to drive off and she reached out and stroked his arm, “So, like, what kinda party do you want babe?”

“What are the options?” he replied and reached over, placing his hand on her inner thigh.

“*giggle* Like, a blow job is 20 bucks, a standard fuck is 50 and like anal is 30.” she replied, no knowing why.

“30 for anal? Really?”

“Oh god yes, I just love a big hard cock in my ass! *giggle*”

He smiled at her and a shiver ran down her spine, partly from the disgust she felt welling up from her stomach and partly due to how much she was being turned on.

“Well, my place is just around the corner, why don’t we see if we can do all three.”

“Oh my god baby, that’s totally amazing! *giggle* Like, let me get you started…” Lana replied and bent over across the center console and unzipped his pants, fishing his dick from them she wrapped her lips around it and started to bob up and down.

Larry looked down at the ice queen of the office, her lips wrapped around his dick as he drove back to his condo. He had been skeptical that the program would work, even if he had no reason to doubt the client that had provided it to him, but that was no longer the case. He’d been driving by the exact spot each night for the last week and had almost given up more than once, but now he was glad he had kept at it.

Lana had been a pain in his ass for months, not because she was the best new hire they’d made in years, but because she had constantly shown up the other new lawyers. But in particular his own son.

There was no way in hell he was going to let Lana take Peterson’s position when he retired next year. Larry had been scheming to get his son in to that position for years, bribing schools, cheating on tests, everything to make sure his legacy at the firm lived on.

Of course now that he knew the program worked, Lana wouldn’t be any more trouble. He’d originally thought he’d let her hook on the street for a few weeks until she got caught and charged, that would end her career quickly enough. But now he was wondering if there wasn’t something better to do with her.

His late wife had been gone for several years, and while he’d had a few dalliances since then, he hadn’t found anyone suitable. But now he could make Lana the perfect trophy wife and thoughts for what new instructions he’d add to the program tonight after fucking her started to form in his head.