“Ugh, well, what do you mean babe?” Chuck replied with a knowing smile and Bambi scrunched her forehead trying to find the words to explain it.

“Like, Bambi… Bambi remembers being… smart?” she half mumbled and pouted a bit.

“Oh babe! We’ve talked about this before! You were smart!” he replied with a slight chuckle.

“Like, I was? *giggle* Goody! But, like, wha happened?”

“Oh baby, you got so tired of being smart that you took a pill. Then your hair turned blonde, your tits got big and you became the happy horny bimbo you are now!”

“*giggle* Like I am totally horny!” then she pouted a bit again, “But… why do I like, remember it?”

“Babe, that’s my fault. I’m sorry, but I’ve saved up enough to fix you right up.”

“You have! *giggle* Yeah!”

“Now, just open your mouth and swallow this.” he said and she did as he reached up and put a small pink pill on her tongue. She swallowed it down and a half remembered feeling came over her as her entire body shivered.

She moaned and closed her eyes as the pill took effect. She could feel her tits growing even larger, her lips puffing up, her waist shrinking and her eyes growing even wider.

Then, just as it was reaching its peak, words floated in to her ears, “Your my happy horny bimbo. You don’t remember being anything but my cum crazed little cock sucker. The only thing that is important is getting my cum in or on your body.”

Bambi cried out as the massive orgasm crashed over her.

She came around a few moments later with Chuck’s semi-erect cock in front of her face, “Cock!” she cried out and wrapped the two cock pillows on her face around it, taking him deep in to her throat.

It only took a few moments for him to deposit another glorious load of cum in to her belly and she came again and again and again.