A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday July 06, 2019

Felicia ran her finger tips across the ancient leather of the book and a tingle ran up her arm. Many had searched for the legendary tome, but only through her hard work had she finally been able to track it down. Well, hard work and a little back stabbing to boot.

But she didn’t regret a single thing, if her “partners” weren’t smart enough to avoid being left behind, well, how was that her problem?

She set the tome down on the podium as the late afternoon light from outside shone through one of the small basement windows, then opened it, flipping through the pages and glancing at each one until she found the spell she wanted. Reading over the instructions carefully, several times, she quickly inventoried what she needed before going over to her supply area and retrieving it.

Twenty minutes later she stood over the intricate design on the floor, double and then triple checking it against the book. Finally she stood behind the podium and started to recite the spell, her lips carefully enunciating each part of it.

As the design started to glow, first a dull red, but eventually a bright white, she continued until a flash nearly blinded her. When she managed to recover her sight, standing before her was a demoness. Dark crimson, her skin seemed to move on it own, the tail swishing from side to side, and the two horns clearly part of her skull. She was naked and made no move to hide the fact.

“Agh! A human, how disappointing!” The demoness scoffed as she folded her arms under her two large breasts, “Why have you summoned me here mortal?”

Felicia grinned from ear to ear as she stepped out from behind the podium and took a step right up to the edge of the design on the floor, “I have summoned you to make a deal, I desire your power.”

“A deal? And what could you offer me?” the demoness scoffed and half turned away from her.

“Your freedom of course!” Felicia shot back but the demoness seemed unimpressed.

“I will have that one way or the other.”

“No, the spell has bound you to this place, as long as it remains unbroken, you will remain.”

“True, but how long before something breaks it? A mouse in a few days? An earthquake in a few years? The house eventually collapsing upon itself in a few decades? All but the blink of a eye for someone who has lived since the dawn of time.”

Felicia blinked several times, not expecting such a response, “Then… then I shall leave you for a few days and see if you have changed your mind.” she managed to get out without much confidence, before turning to leave.

Felicia walked down the stairs to the basement and once more saw the deamonesss standing there, “Back so soon?” it called out as her foot touched the floor.

It had been three days since she left and the deamoness seemed no more willing to deal than before, “Yes, yes I have. Are you willing to make a deal yet deamon?”

“No, not particularly.”

“Then… then perhaps I should send you back to hell…” Felicia stuttered out as she walked to the book and flipped over a few pages, locating the spell she knew was there.

“And waste all your effort? That seems like a bad outcome for the both of us.” The demoness replied with a toothy grin.

“If you are unwilling to make a deal… what else can I do?”

The demoness raised her hand to her chin and scratched it gently, “Well, perhaps there is something agreement we could come to…”

Felicia raised an eyebrow, “And what might that be?”

“Well, as I said, my freedom is a given, but once the spell is broken I will go straight back to hell. There is a small task I would like to accomplish on the moral plane, but it requires a temporary host…”

Felicia’s eyebrow raised even farther up her forehead, she knew letting a demon posses her would be risky, “And this task… how long will it take?”

“No more than a cycle. And once it is complete you will have access to all my power.”

“A cycle?”

“Yes… sorry… something akin to a year her on the mortal plane.”

Felicia tried as hard as she could to keep her face from smiling, a year would be nothing to acquire the power of the demon, “And you will leave my body afterwards?”

“Yes, of course.”

Felicia finally smiled slightly and nodded her head, “Alright, you have a deal.”

“Very good, then come over here and place your hand on to mine.” The demoness said and stepped the edge of the design, holding her blood red hand up in the air.

Felicia did the same, “Good, now repeat after me. I grant the demoness Q’retuth permission to use me as her vessel for one cycle and in return I shall have all her power once she leaves.”

Felicia’s lips moved just after the demoness’, “I grant the demoness Q’retuth permission to use me as her vessel for one cycle and in return I shall have all her power once she leaves.”

Felicia felt her hand grow warm and then saw the demoness smile just before her body shifted and flowed in to her own. The design on the floor flashed once before fading away, leaving only one of the standing in the basement.

The demoness looked down and scowled slightly, it’s eyes flashing red as most of the clothing on her body vanished. She reached her hands up to her neck and squeezed, rotating her head in a 360 before letting out a soft moan, “Lucifer, it feels so good to be corporeal again!”

She turned towards the wall where the waning light cast her shadow on the wall and smiled, then with a brief flash of power, the tail and horns of her shadow faded away.

Another brief flash of power replaced her clothing with a skin tight black dress that plunged down her front leaving the two generous orbs of her breast clearly visible, “That’s better, now on to my task.”

She walked up the stairs, feeling Felicia vainly fighting her at every step of the way now that she fully understood what she had agreed to. But that was not her problem, if she wasn’t smart enough to ask for more details about exactly how long a cycle was, well, how was that her problem?

After all, to demon like herself, what was a year or a decade or a century? They all seemed the same to her.

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