A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday August 24, 2019

Jessi stood in front of the programming halo and let the commands seep in to her mind once more. It wasn’t the first time she’d stood there, nor the second or tenth for that matter.

To be honest she couldn’t really remember the first time, at least not in any detail. It was more of a feeling she remembered. The feeling of hands holding her firmly, the feeling of terror, the feeling of warmth growing inside of her head. And then… joy… blissful joy as all of the fear and struggle faded away and was replaced.

The programming halo dimmed slightly and Jessi let out a delightful gasp as her eyes popped open.

“What is your purpose?” one of her masters asked.

“Senator Johnson is in the club. I am to find him, seduce him, fuck him. Become his mistress, girlfriend, whore, or whatever he wants me to be.”

“Very good, provide weekly updates or when anything important comes up. You have the number?”

“Yes Sir, 555-555-6969.” It was burned in to her mind, she couldn’t forget even if she wanted to. It was there along with every piece of information they had on the senator. Public addresses, private opinions, sexual preferences, everything.

“Good, get moving.”

Jessi turned to the door and walked out in to the club, shaking her tits, licking her lips, putting herself on display as much as possible in the throng of bodies that filled it.

The senator would be at one of the VIP tables, of course, and so of course so would she soon enough.

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