Trish tried to smile as best she could, the fillers in her lips made it hard and so did the botox that had nearly frozen her face in place. But what made it even harder was the hate that filled her heart as Doug walked over to the table she was seated at.

“Ah Doug!” Jim said, half standing and extending his hand as Doug came to a stop at their table.

Trish tried to smile even harder, then blinked, fluttering her lashes and giggled slightly as she started to play with her hair. Doug leered at her, his eyes hardly leaving her half exposed breasts as he sat down.

“Jim.” Doug replied, finally taking his eyes off of her long enough to make eye contact with Jim and giving him a nod while shaking his hand.

“Shall we get down to business?” Jim asked and Doug simply nodded once more.

“Good. As you can see we’ve made all the physical changes you requested.” Jim said and waved his hand in her general direction.

For the life of her all she wanted to do was stand up, slap both of them across the face and leave. But instead her lips parted and she pushed her breasts out even farther before giving them a shake from side to side.

“Yes, I can see that. I knew there was a total babe hiding in there somewhere…” Doug said and gave a slight chuckle.

Trish was mortified at the changes that she’d been forced to make. Her lush brown hair was almost bleached white, her respectable C cups had been inflated and now sat far too high on her chest. Her lips had so much silicone in them that should could hardly keep them closed!

“Well that is our job, to bring out your vision.” Jim said and she let out another giggle as she ran her finger down the side of her exposed breast.

“And the other changes?” Doug asked.

“Of course… give them a try.” Jim replied and Doug leaned forward, raising his finger to her lips and pushing it ever so slightly between her lips.

Her eyes closed and she sucked his finger all the way in to her mouth. Her head turned as she bobbed up and down on it, moaning as she did so. There she was, in the middle of a restaurant, sucking on Doug’s finger like it was a dick and she was a porn star.

Doug pulled his finger out of her mouth with a pop and she opened her eyes once more, her tongue darting out and licking her lips as she giggled and returned to sitting there with her hands clasped in her lap as if nothing had happened.

“And she’s still in there?” Doug asked of Jim.

“Oh yes, right there behind those vapid eyes, hating every minute of it. I’m sure she was furiously trying to bit off your finger just then.”

It was true, she’d tried with every fiber of her being to clamp her jaw shut but like always, her body refused to obey.

When they’d first abducted her she had been confident she would escape and turn them in to the police. But after a minor surgical procedure and a day or two of observation, they’d let her go. They’d grabbed her on a Friday night and she was back in her own bed by Sunday.

She’d tried to go right to the police station of course, but just like now, her body had refused to co-operate. Oh, she could do things on her own, take a shower, make breakfast, go in to work. But as soon as she tried to do something that they didn’t want, her body simply refused to comply.

And that’s how her life had started to change, one thing at a time. Going to the salon and asking to go blonde, finding a plastic surgeon to do her lips and breasts, spending more time at the gym, replacing her entire wardrobe, resigning from her job.

Doug pulled out his phone and tapped on it a few times, a moment later Jim’s beeped and he smiled.

“Well, it looks like our business here is done.” Jim said and stood up, walking away from the table, leaving her alone with Doug.

Doug slipped off of the chair he was sitting on and took up the seat beside her. She leaned in against him, her hand slipping from her laps and on to his, finding his hardening shaft in his pants.

“So Trish, what would you say if I said I wanted to fuck those big fake tits of yours with my big hard cock?”

Trish fluttered her eyes and gigled before responding, “Like, of course babe! That’s what they’re for! *giggle*”

He smiled and took her hand from his lap, pulling her out from behind the table and then wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked from the restaurant.

“You know Trish, Jim said you’re still in there and I hope he’s right, because you’re going to spend the rest of your life as my blonde bimbo slut. All of it except the few seconds before you orgasm with my cock inside of you that is. For those few seconds you’re going to be able to say what you really want to.”

Trish could only fume inside of her own head at what he was saying, but somehow knew deep down it was true.

“I’m interested to find out what happens after a couple of years of only being able to speak your mind when my dick is bringing you to orgasm. Will you still be spewing the hateful thoughts I’m sure you’re thinking now or will they give way to something else?”

Doug let out a chuckle and Trish giggled in response, but in that same deep dark place that knew what he had just said a moment ago was true, she also wondered if the hate and pleasure would mix together and create something else.

She couldn’t see the future, or apparently do anything about it, but she did know that it would entail a lot of sex with Doug and she wanted to believe more than anything, that would sustain her hate over anthing else.