Sandi snapped the picture and sent it off with a message, “Master, I am ready!”

It only took a few seconds for the reply to come back, “1 hour”

Sandi’s pussy tingled and she almost came right there as Bambi continued to pose in front of the mirror.

Then a little bit of guilt crossed her lips as a frown appeared on them. Barbra had been a good friend to her for many years, they’d grown up together, gone to school together, even graduated university together. But here Sandi was, about to turn over her best friend in the whole world to her master just so she didn’t have to go with him.

It hurt her head to think about it too much, the conflict inside of her was real. She desperately wanted to be with master, but at the same time wanted nothing more than to never see him again.

It was very confusing, but master had told her it would be and that made it a little bit easier. He’d said it was like that with all of his new recruits and that he always gave them a choice. They had three months to either decide to be with him, or find someone hotter to replace themselves as his new slave.

Sandi had struggled with it for several days before she’d finally decided Barbra would be her replacement. Master had given her several drugs that he told her how to use and after a few drinks at Barbra’s place, Sandi administered them exactly as she was told to.

The only problem was that Barbra wasn’t as hot as Sandi was. But Bambi was going to be. Sandi had told Barbra all about Bambi that night. How she was a total slut, how she worked out at the gym all the time, how she always wore her makeup heavy and bright, how she wanted big fake tits she could show off. Everything Bambi needed to be for master.

Sandi had spent the last two months remaking her best friend, though it had kind of backfired in some ways. Sandi had spent almost as much time at the gym as Bambi had, and when Sandi had gone to the plastic surgeon with Bambi she’d somehow gotten her own enlargement done.

She’d had to push Bambi as hard as she could to make sure she was the hotter one of the two of them.

“Like, come on Bambi, time to go!” Sandi chirpped and Bambi giggled in response. Sandi reached over to the bed and picked up the two matching black dresses, tossing on over to Bambi before putting one on herself.

“Oh god Bambi, yes! Lick that pussy!” Sandi cried out as she laid back on the bed, Bambi’s head pushed firmly in to her pussy between her legs. Sandi’s hands were on her head, guiding her as she licked furiously trying to bring Sandi to orgasm.

Master of course had wanted proof that Bambi was the hotter one and so Sandi had obliged him, stripping her naked, sucking on her tits, licking her pussy. Until she could take it no longer and gotten undressed herself and had Bambi do all those things to her as well.

But unlike when she had been licking Bambi’s pussy and stopped, Sandi was having none of it. She wanted Bambi to bring her to orgasm and wasn’t going to let her out from between her legs until she did.

Sandi grabbed one of her own tits and squeezed it, and then the nipple as her back arched and Bambi’s tongue finally completed it’s task.

When she recovered slightly, she looked over to master siting in a chair beside the bed, “Master, isn’t Bambi just the hottest little slut you’ve ever seen?” Sandi asked, pulling Bambi by the hair from between her legs, a dumb satisfied smile on Bambi’s lips.

“Oh, she’s quite the hot piece of ass, but I don’t know…” he replied and Sandi’s heart sank.

“But… but… master…” she pouted as he stood up and walked over to the bed.

“I think the hotest piece of ass I’ve seen tonight might have been holding Bambi’s face to her pussy as she came…”

Sandi giggle, she couldn’t deny it, just the thought of pressing her best friends face in to her pussy was hot, she couldn’t imagine what it would have been like to watch it.

“But then again…” he said as he reached down and rolled Bambi over, grabbing one of her tits, “These are some of the best fake tits I’ve ever seen…”

Sandi’s heart almost leaped from her chest, it was true, Bambi had gone larger than her even if both looked spectacular.

“I just can’t decide… so I guess I’m going to have to keep both of you.” he said and something in the back of Sandi’s mind clicked.

“Oh thank you master! Thank you!” Sandi cried out and a small orgasm washed over her.

“Now why don’t both of you get down on your knees and attend to me.”

Sandi almost lept from the bed, just as Bambi did, and got on their knees, both of their lips finding masters hard shaft standing at attention for them.