There was no love lost between Lindsay and John, she’d only ever been with him because of his trust fund, and now as his puppy dog eyes looked across the Halloween party at her, she felt nothing but contempt. Oh she’d dangled the carrot of sex with him at first to get him interested and string him along, but she’d always put him off, that is until she’d finally dumped him.

She flicked one of her dropping white and pink bunny ears back up and turned away, returning to the handsome, rich man in the Deadpool costume that had started to chat with her a few minutes ago. Unlike John, he clearly was concerned about how he looked, what he wore, how he projected himself to the world.

John did none of those things. John it had turned out was a slob, overweight and worst of all, boring.

She reached out and touch the man’s arm, smiling and laughing softly at a bad joke he’d made, as she steered him towards an empty area of the party where they could have a more private conversation. Lindsay could feel John’s eyes following her with each step she made.

Mr. Deadpool had turned out to be nothing more than a set of abs, but Lindsay hadn’t given up, and in the few hours since then had several numbers, one or two that she might even return her call.

Fortunately she’d seen John leave shortly after she’d taken Mr. Deadpool to the side, so she hadn’t had to worry about running in to him again the rest of the night.

She took one last look around the room, seeing no one interesting, she left and headed down to her car in the parking garage.

Lindsay’s heels clicked on the concrete of the parking garage floor as she walked towards her BMW. Her brow furrowed as she apprached it and noticed something sitting on to of the drivers side roof.

A large yellow plastic carrot sat there, it’s green stalks resting on her car’s roof. She looked around quickly, twice, before turning back to the thing.

Was it some kind of joke? Who would have known it was her car or that she was dressed up as a bunny tonight?

She shook her head in dismay and stepped up to her car door, a strange smell hitting her nostrils as she grew close and closer to the carrot.

The smell filled her nose and she wrinkled it, “Ewww…”, she said as she turned her head slightly to the side to avoid the smell and then reached out and picked up the carrot.

As soon as she did a strong tingle ran up her arm and down her spin, right to her pussy, “Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!” she cried out as she gasped at the same time.

She pitched forward, grasping the carrot harder as her hands came down on her car roof. The tingle intensified and her knees threatened to give out, just as she thought she was going to collapse, hands and arms wrapped around her midsection.

Before she could turn to see who it was, her eyes fluttered shut and darkness engulfed her.

Lindsay’s eyes fluttered open and she knew something was wrong. The strong smell still filled her nose but she was no longer standing by her car. Instead she was strapped in to some kind of stand, her arms and legs strapped down so she was on all fours, her head held upright so she was looking straight ahead and she was naked from the waist down.

She trashed at the restraints that held her, but failed to break free. Once she calmed down, she did her best to look around, but there was little to see. A plain white room, a monitor in front of her, and a carrot.

The carrot was on some kind of stand that looked to have a mechanical apparatus attached to it, but neither the mechanism nor the monitor seemed to be powered on.

With nothing else to do, Lindsay tried her best from inhaling the sickening smell of the carrot, but failed even at that. She wasn’t sure how long it was, but eventually the monitor turned on and John’s smiling face filled it.

“Hello Lindsay, don’t bother shouting at me, this is a pre-recorded message. It’s going to repeat a few times, just in case you can’t hear it over your own shouting. I was… disappointed to see the scorn in your eyes at the party, but I did enjoy your costume. So I decided that if I can’t have you as my girlfriend, I might as well have you as my pet. It was surprisingly easy and fast to find someone to do the work, I guess having old money really does have it’s benefits. I’m told it will take a few days, but when it’s done you’re going to be completely house trained. I’d say I hope you enjoy the process, but that would be a lie, so instead I’ll just say… I’ll be seeing you soon Bunny.”

He had been right of course, she hadn’t heard his message the first 3 times over her own screams and shouts, but in the end she ran out of breath and heard every single word, several times until whoever was controlling the screen decided to stop the loop.

Nothing happened for a while, though she pleaded with the empty room to let her go. That she would would do anything they wanted if they just released her. That she could paid them better than John had, which of course was a lie, but they didn’t know that.

In the end though the monitor came to life once more, a woman in bunny ears just like the ones she could still feel on her head. If she had been looking at the monitor from a few more feet back Lindsay might even have mistaken the woman for herself.

No, that wasn’t right, looking closer it was her, in every detail except a small blemish along the collar bone that she didn’t have. She wondered how for a moment and then remembered seeing a news report about computers being able to replace the face of an actor with another… something called deepfakes?… she thought she recalled.

It was uncanny, but before she could consider it further her doppelganger’s lips parted as she began to speak, “Bunny loves carrots!” her own voice echoed back, though it sounds just a little off, like it was being processed through a computer somehow.

Just as she was about to shout at the screen once more, the carrot in front of her pushed forwards and she clamped her lips shut. It was no use though, the small tip of the carrot wedged between her lips and as soon as it touched them the tingle returned, but more intensely than when she had picked it up at her car.

The carrot slowly slide deeper and deeper in to her mouth as the smiling face of her doppelganger repeated the words over and over again, “Bunny loves carrots!”

Lindsay was having a hard time staying awake, the carrot between her lips sending waves of pleasure through her body as it slide in and out between her lips, “Bunny loves carrots!” her own voice said again and again.

She had no idea how long it had been, hours? Days?

No, not days. John had said the entire process would only take a couple of days. And while she was exhausted, she was no where near breaking.

She felt the carrot push deeper in to her throat and hold there as the smelly liquid she had tasted dozens of times filled her once more and the orgasm that always followed washed over her.

Her body spasmed and twitched and then went limp. Her eyes no longer able to stay open, they closed and she slipped in to blissful oblivion.

She suspected it had been a short respite, as when she awoke she could hear the shuffling of feet hurriedly exiting the room. She trashed and called out, “Fuckers, I’m going to kill you!”, but the only answer she received was the slamming of a door.

It was then she noticed what they had done, in front of her the carrot had been replaced with one that was longer and rounder.

She shivered at the thought of it pushing down her throat, partly due to revulsion, partly due to anticipation.

Lindsay realized for the first time that they were getting to her, she should have only thought of revulsion at the prospect of having the even larger carrot crammed down her throat. But that wasn’t true, some part of her knew the tingling and pleasure that she would feel as the carrot touched her lips heralded the beginnings of the orgasm that would follow when the smelly liquid eventually burst forth from the carrot.

She had no more time to reflect on it as the monitor came to life once more, “Bunny loves carrots!”

Lindsay moaned as the massive carrot stretched her jaw wide open as it was pushed deep in to her throat. The new carrot had to be at least two feet long and she had no doubt it reach all the way down to her stomach.

She was pretty sure they’d replaced it twice more, making this the fourth carrot, but she was so tired and horny that she couldn’t be sure.

“Bunny loves carrots!” her computer synthesized voice chirped out once more and Lindsay could no longer deny it.

She loved the carrot between her lips. She loved it in a way that she never thought she could love anything, let alone a large plastic carrot. Just being between her lips brought her waves of pleasure and when it spurted it’s horrible liquid in to her, she orgasmed like she had never done before.

The carrot pulled back and out of her mouth, her tongue followed it for as far as it could before lossing contact with the carrot and she let out a pathetic whine at the lack of liquid that it gave her.

Then, without warning, the smelly liquid burst forth and covered her face, sending her in to orgasm once more.

Lindsay’s tongue flicked out between her lips, desperate to get the carrot back between her lips, but the mechanism remained off and just out of reach. The monitor on the other hand continued to play it’s endless loop, “Bunny loves carrots!”.

It had been like this for a while, how long she couldn’t tell, but she was desperate and trying to ignore the little voice in the back of her head that was whispering what she didn’t want to hear, what she had to do to get her carrot back.

She whimpered and whined, flicking her tongue in and out time and time again, until she could ignore the whisper no longer.

Taking her tongue back between her lips, she closed her eyes and gave in, “Bunny loves carrots.”

Lindsay’s voice was little more than a whisper but the mechanism came to life immediately and Lindsay eagerly opened her mouth to accept it.

Lindsay was having a hard time keeping her mind focused, “Bunny loves carrots!” she cried out as the mechanism plunged the carrot in to her pussy and the pleasure blossomed once more through her body.

It had surprised her the first time it had happened, her voice had called out expecting the carrot that still was in front of her face to slide once more between her lips, but instead the one behind her had penetrated her.

Unlike the carrot in front, which only required her to say her line once, the one behind her required her to repeat it each time it pulled back.

“Bunny loves carrots!”

It plunged back in to her dripping wet pussy and she felt the liquid pour out from it and her orgasm wash over her.

“Bunny loves carrots!” she cried out as the carrot plunged in to her ass.

“Bunny loves carrots!” she cried out again as the other carrot rammed in to her pussy.

“Bunny loves carrots!”

“Bunny loves carrots!”

“Bunny loves carrots!”

“Bunny loves carrots!”

She cried out in quick succession as the two carrots alternated between her pussy and ass.

This time the one in her ass exploded and she orgasmed.

Bunny was in heaven, she had three carrots slamming in and out of her and she had no idea which one would bring her the orgasm she craved.

She hoped all three might, every once in a while, when she performed especially well, all three would shoot their smelly liquid in to her and she’d almost die from the pleasure the orgasm would bring.

She was pretty sure she had been good this time, crying out the only words she knew at various pitches and levels, trying to communicate just how much she loved her carrots.

The carrot between her lips pulled out and her eyes went wide, “Bunny loves carrots!” she cried just as the liquid hit her face and she felt it fill her pussy and ass as well. Her whole body shook from the force of the orgasms that followed.

She collapsed on to the floor and twitched several times as a broad smile crossed her lips. It seemed like forever ago that they’d removed the restraints. For some reason it had made her happy, but she wasn’t sure why.

They had taken them away and she’d quickly retaken her place between the three carrots which were still attached to their mechanisms and spoken her words. The carrots had once again came to life and she eagerly took them in to her.

Bunny was nervous, it was the first time she had left her room and she’d been confused. A man had come in with three new carrots, which she was excited about as she loved carrots so much, but they were not attached to anything.

He’d slipped one between her lips and it had felt good, not as good as the one that was on the mechanism, but good none the less.

He’d pushed one in to each of her other holes and led her from the only home she had ever known.

She’d followed along behind him, wiggling her ass and sucking on the carrot between her lips, which seemed to help her nervousness. But then he’d lead her in to a van and they had driven for quite a while before she was taken in to a new room.

This room wasn’t like her room, it wasn’t white and it had other stuff in it.

She crawled over to the side, near the corner just as a man walked in and started talking to the man that had brought her here. A few minutes later the first man left, leaving her all alone with the new man.

“Here Bunny, Bunny, Bunny. Come over here Bunny.” he said and she looked over to him, the fear clearly visible on her face.

“Oh don’t worry Bunny. It’s alright, I’ve got a nice carrot for you…” the man said and undid his pants, letting them fall to the floor.

Bunny’s eyes widened more, if that was possible as she scampered over to the man, her eyes fixated on his carrot.

She snuggled right up to it and he reached down and petted her head with one hand, his other taking hold of the carrot between her lips and pulling it free.

“Bunny loves carrots!” she cried out and without any hesitation wrapped her lips around the new carrot and quickly suck it all the way in.

Minutes later the carrot was pulled from between her lips and whined until he turned her around and pulled the carrot from her ass, sliding his carrot in it’s place, “Bunny loves carrots!”, she cried out as he pushed into her ass.

“Bunny loves carrots!”

“Bunny loves carrots!”

“Bunny loves carrots!”

“Bunny loves carrots!”

“Bunny loves carrots!”

“Bunny loves carrots!”

She cried out with each thrust until he released inside of her and her orgasm exploded over her.

Her arms and legs gave out as she collapsed on to the floor, “Bunny loves carrots…” she half whispered dreamily as she felt a carrot pushed back in to her ass and then another once more between her lips.

Bunny suckled the carrot between her lips and dozed off, knowing she had a new home and that she’d be getting all the carrots she wanted from now on.