I sat across the principals desk, a knowing smile on my face that seemed to confuse her to no end, and waited for her to start her speech. It was one that I was sure she’d recited may times over the years to dozens of community leaders, but this time was going to be very different, even if she didn’t realize it yet.

In fact something else she hadn’t realized was that this wasn’t the first time we’d met. Far from it, she had in fact been my physics teacher back when I was a junior in high school, Ms. Richie. Or as everyone in the class called her under their breath, Ms. Bitchy.

She had just been out of university and it was her first year teaching, still young and pretty, she made sure that no one forgot that she was the teacher and everyone else was beneath her. And being almost 40 years ago, she often used corporal punishment to make sure everyone respected her. She had used a ruler on me more than once and it had certainly left an impression.

Of course time had not been kind to her, her gray hair was well kept, but no longer shone as it once had. The wrinkles on her face were deep and weathered. Decades of sitting behind a desk had taken their toll on her waist line, but even so, if you squinted, you could still see the remnants of the beauty that had once been there.

It wasn’t surprising that she didn’t recognize me of course, after all, like her I was in my fifties. But unlike her my skin was tight and youthful, my body hard and toned. I didn’t look a day over 30 and my drivers license said the same thing.

It was only a few months ago that I’d made the breakthrough, nearly a lifetime spent in pursuit of an idea, an idea that most called insane but that I could clearly see in my own head. What if the universe wasn’t nearly as fixed as it seemed? What if the framework of reality reseted on a bed of sand instead of granite?

Granite was fixed and unchanging, but sand could shift and reform in to different shapes. If I could work out how to “shake” the framework of reality and cause the sand beneath it to shift, would the reality that sat on top of it change as well?

After decades of work, and spending a considerable chunk of my family fortune, the first small tests were promising. Changing a few ounces of lead in to gold, creating a diamond out of a lump of carbon. Watching a lab rat grow old and die in just a few minutes.

I decided the final test had to be on myself and so I’d reshaped my body from the decaying old man I had been in to the youthful body I now had. The next few weeks had been spent testing how far and wide I could effect reality, finding the upper limit of approximately a one kilometer radius from my machine before the energy requirements became too large to generate easily.

And so after a few days of work, the machine now sat in the van that was parked outside of the school, well within it’s limits to effect Ms. Richie or anyone else in the local vicinity.

“Now then Mr. Rosewood, I was quite interested to receive you e-mail in support of our school. We pride ourselves in our extra circular activities and sponsors for out teams and clubs is always welcome.” Ms. Richie started off, tugging slightly at her gray suit jacket to straighten it.

“Well I’m only too happy to help out, after all I have a lot of memories of attending high school here Lana and please call me Dan.”

Lana raised an eyebrow, both because of the use of her first name and from racking her memory as to when I might have attended.

“You attended high school here?… I seem to recall a student named Dan Rosewood… but he’d be well in to his fifties by now…” she trailed off, her forehead scrunching in thought.

“Oh come now Lana, it hasn’t really been that long has it?” I replied and focused my thoughts on the machine and watched reality “shake” and the settle back.

Lana was no longer the senior citizen she had been, instead she was, like me, no more than thirty years old. Her jet black hair was still just past her shoulders, but now had a healthy shine to it. She had also lost most of her extra weight and her skin was smooth if just starting to show the first signs of aging. Her attire had changed as well, she now wore a stylish baby blue jacket over a low cut blouse.

“No… no I guess it hasn’t…” she replied, shaking her head in just a bit in confusion. I’m sure she was no longer knew why she was sitting in the principles office, after all she was still just the vice principle of the school.

“I’m sure Principle Jones will be here shortly for your meeting Dan.”

“Oh, I’m sure he will be. It was of you to show me in to his office and chat a bit. I have to say that your class left a real impression on me Lana. In fact it’s why I came back today.” I said.

“It did? That’s great.” she replied, the confusion on her face clear, her mind reaching back in to her memory and finding only a problem student.

“Yes, in fact you could say that it made me the man that I am. Without your… encouragement… why I would never have had the drive to succeed!”

“Well Dan, I’m happy you learned a good life lesson from our time together.” Lana replied, more confident now.

I focused on the machine again and watched the universe shutter under the strain. When things settled out Lana blinked several times and then squirmed in the chair. She looked exactly like the first day I’d met her, a stern 22 year old first year teacher that wanted to project confidence but lack it inwardly. She wore the same simple white blouse and mid thigh length skirt, along with the three inch heels that showed off her ass just a little bit.

She looked from side to side and the stood up, “Dan… I’m not…” she started to say as she walked around the desk and took the second chair beside me.

“Oh don’t worry Lana, you won’t get in trouble for being in the principles office with me. After all I am the vice principle.”

“Well… I guess.” she replied, still looking from side to side, mostly at the door waiting for the principle to walk in and yell at her.

“I’m sure the student complaint about the ruler can’t be true, you’re too good of teacher to do something like that.” I replied and watched her eyes go wide in fear.

I stood up and walked to the side of the desk and then focused again, reality rippling around me until it solidified once more. It walked behind the desk and sat down in my chair.

Lana was shaking in her seat, the now 18 year old was dressed in a short skirt and tight top. Her black hair had streaks of blue in it and her makeup was done to perfection.

“What am I going to do with you Lana?” I asked, shaking my head.

Lana’s lower lip quivered as she replied, “Please Mr. Rosewood… it wasn’t my fault!”

“You’ve been in here three times this month for clothing infractions… and today… today!”

“I’m sorry Mr. Rosewood… but you know… my ass… it kinda jiggles when I walk and I though… I though my skirt was going to be allright!” she almost sobbed.

“And the lack of panties?” I asked.

“Cause… cause… you know.. the lines…” she managed to get out.

I smiled and focused on the machine once more, reality shifting one final time.

Across the desk Lana sat sobbing, her completly blue hair framed her perfect face and her near see though dress left little to the imagination.

“My own step-daughter… your mother must be turning over in her grave. I’ve tried to give you everything you wanted, those breast and butt implants for your sweet sixteen, all the trips to the salon. But all you do is act out… well I’ve had enough!” I barked out and she visible jumped in her chair.

“Puh… puh… please Daddy… I’m sorry… don’t be mad…”

“Your always sorry Lana, well today is the last time. Stand up and come over here young lady!” I ordered her and she nearly jumped out of her chair and scurried behind the desk.

I pushed my chair out and patted my knee, “Bend over Lana… this is for your own good.” I said.

Her lips quivered, “Yes Daddy.” she replied as she bent over my lap.

I tugged at the hem of her dress and it easily slide over her tight round ass.


I waited a moment, “And what do you say?” I prompted her.

“Th… tha… thank you Daddy.”


“Th… thank you Daddy.”


“Thank you Daddy.”


“Thank you Daddy!”


“Thank you Daddy!!!”




Lana’s voice deteriorated in to a garbled mess as her ass reddened with each blow, her pussy juices flowing down her thigh and depositing on my pants.

When I was done, she gingerly pulled her dress over her glowing ass and then stood in front of my desk, her hands clasped behind her back and her head titled down.

“Now then, since I clearly can’t have you running around the school like some kind of tramp, and your 18 now and need to pull your own weight around the house, I’ve decided that you should drop out of school and fill you’re mother’s shoes at home.”

She sobbed softly as she replied, “Yes Daddy.”

“Good.” I said as I placed my fingers on a piece of paper, turned it around and slide it over to her along with a pen.

Lana took a half step forward, bent over at the waist and signed the release form, ending her days of going to school once and for all.

“Good. Now run along home, I’ll be there shortly.” I said and she nodded before turning to leave.

Just as she reached the door I spoke once more, “Oh, and Lana, what did your mother always tell you about a woman’s duties in the home?”

Lana turned around and a shiver ran though her body before she spoke, “A woman’s duties was to give a blowjob in the morning to wake you up, have a hot wet pussy ready for when you got home and a tight little ass for you to use every night.”

“Very good Lana, now run along. You’ve missed today’s blowjob and I expect that pussy and ass to make up for it tonight.”

“Yes Daddy!” she squealed as her face turned red and she quickly turned and left.

It wasn’t long before I did the same, I had a few stops to make along the way home, like Lana’s children’s homes to make sure they didn’t report her missing, the county records office to alter a few things like her birth certificate and of course the district school board to make sure there was someone to replace Lana at school.

It wouldn’t take more than an hour or so and then I’d head home, where I was sure Lana would be more than ready to make up for the missed blowjob that morning.