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Laura opened her eyes but everything remained dark for some reason. She racked her brain as to what was happening, trying to recall what was the last think she could remember.

Hadn’t she been out shopping in New York?

Yes, yes she had. She’d been spending her husbands money as usual. She’d just picked up some lingerie, not that he would ever see it, even if it was their anniversary this weekend. No, it was for her current boy toy that she had on the side. He was dump as a rock, but he fucked her better than her husband ever had been able to so she put up with his ignorance.

She managed to feel around her, but there was something wrong, everything felt off. She managed to figure out she was on a bed of some kind and so she put her feet over the side and stood up, after a few attempts as she was wearing some kind of boots that she couldn’t find a way to remove.

Once standing, she raised her hands up, over her body, to her face to see what was going on and realized that she was contained in some ind of rubber or latex outfit that covered her eyes.

Her hands moved over every inch of her body trying to find the clasps or zippers or whatever held in on her. She didn’t seem to be able to find any and so she decided to call out.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” she asked but no one replied.

She slowly made her way around the room, looking for an exit but only managed to get all the way back to the bed. She did find the night table at the end of it and her latex covered fingers found something that she didn’t recognize.

With no other option she raised it to her lips to see if it tasted like anything.

As soon as it hit her lips her body shivered in pleausre and she let out a gasp just before she pushed it in to her mouth and moaned.

I looked through the two way mirror at my wife with a quizzical look on my face. I turned to Irina and she noticed as well.

“Do you have any questions Sir?”

“Why… why couldn’t she find the clasps and laces on her outfit? Or the door knob on the door that her fingers glided over?”

“Her remodeling is already well underway Sir. At this stage her mind has been conditioned to accept whatever situation she is in. Also, the need to escape as been completely removed from her as well. These have been conditioned deep in to her subconscious but her conscious mind hasn’t quite caught up yet. As such, to reconcile the two competing thoughts, she simply denies the reality of the door, or the laces, or the clasps.”

“And the latex outfit? I didn’t ask for any such fetish.”

“That is only temporary Sir. An aid in the remodeling. It limits her sensory input for the majority of her body, other than the area we’re working on at the moment. In this case, her oral skills.”

I nodded and turned back to watch her continue to slide the dildo in and out of her mouth. After a few minutes, she even pulled out all the way out of her mouth and held it just in front of her lips, her tongue flicking the tip of it several times before plunging it back in.

It wasn’t long before her pace picked up and then suddenly she held it firmly to the back of her throat and I watched her entire body spasm as an orgasm crashed over her.