“Please Sir, if you make them that big I won’t be able to stand up any more…” Kathy pleaded as she adjusted her glasses that had no lenses in them.

Her boss was sitting across from her, he’d turned his monitor around so she could see the image of the woman with giant tits on it. They had to be at least twice the size of her head, and Kathy couldn’t imagine the woman could stand upright for very long.

Jason just smiled and nodded, the problem was that even Kathy wasn’t sure what exactly she was pleading for.

Sure, six months ago before she started this job it would have been obvious. She’d always had back pain from her large natural breasts and so the thought of making them bigger would have been simply dismissed out of hand.

But now, after her first augmentation had gone so well, and the pure bliss she felt each and every time Jason suck, licked, squeezed, and fucked her tits… well, now it was a different story.

Was she pleading with Jason to not do it, to save her back and what little dignity she had left by letting her remain as she was?

Or was she pleading with him to do it? Just the thought of a giant pair of tits on her chest, that were so big that she couldn’t stand up and had to spend all her time either down on all fours or sitting with them resting in her lap, send shivers of pleasure right to her pussy.

In the end though it didn’t really matter which was the case. Jason would be making the decision about her tits, just like he had about her last set of implants. Or her new wardrobe, or her increased time at the gym, or moving in to his condo.

There were other considerations though as well, like the fact that with tits that big she wouldn’t be able to continue working at the office. Which would be a shame, she loved sucking his cock as she sat under his desk, or getting bent over his desk and fucked during lunch.

But then again with tits that big he’d be able to fuck them head on, no need to lean back even in the slightest!

Jason clicked the close button on the windows that had the picture in it and Kathy had her answer. On screen was the confirmation for her appointment that Friday at the plastic surgeon’s.

A shiver ran through her as she slipped from the chair and on to the floor, crawling under Jason’s desk to show him how much she appreciated him making all of her decisions for her.