Mary grabbed her stockings and looked at Derek as he entered the kitchen, her pussy buzzed in excitement, though her mind was still fighting it with all she had.

A month ago when she’d met him while she was working at the coffee shop she never would have imagined she’d be sitting in his kitchen sucking on a lollipop and somewhere deep down, wanting it to be his dick.

She was fighting that as well, but losing that battle too.

When he’d walked in to the coffee shop she had not felt anything about him, he was just another customer staring at her tight top. Which was of course what she wanted, she wore it to show off her breasts and get better tips after all.

When she’d taken his order and headed back to the counter to get it, she could fee his eyes on her ass and she made sure to accentuate the sway in her hips as she did.

She had figured he would be an easy “mark”, not that she was scamming him or anything, just encouraging some extra tipping based on what she had.

And she hadn’t been disappointed, he’d left a large tip, larger than even she had expected. But he’d also left a note.

“Eye candy like you shouldn’t be working in a place like this… drop by when you realize it. Derek.” was written on it along with an address.

She’d humphed out loud and stuffed the money and note in her pocket before forgetting about it and continuing her day.

It was when she finished her shift and had emptied her pockets that she remembered about the note again. She’d gone to toss it in the garbage, but for some reason hadn’t.

She spent several days trying to throw it away, and by the end of the week she’d managed to… after she’d copied the info in to her phone and taken a photo of it as well.

She realized something was wrong when she had woken up in the middle of the night to a screaming orgasm calling out Derek’s name. She couldn’t quite remember the dream she obviously was having, but she did had an overwhelming urge to suck on something.

The next day, when she had been grocery shopping, she had gone down the candy isle and picked up a package of lollipops.

She’d left one on her nightstand each night after that.

By the next weekend she knew there was no point in fighting it anymore. She’d put on a skimpy outfit from her closet and booked a car to take her to the address in her phone.

She’d been sucking and fucking Derek ever since, she’d even called in to quit her job the first Monday she’d arrived at Derek’s.

The only good news was that Derek was taking care of everything else including her bills, letting her focus on being Derek’s eye candy.

Just thinking about it sent a shiver down her spine even now. She couldn’t help the feeling, even if she didn’t want it.

Though it wasn’t all bad, Derek was very attentive to her needs, something she hadn’t expected. He often spent an hour or more kissing, licking, and caressing her body before getting down to business.

Derek stepped right up to her and grabbed her hips, pulling her right to him as she grabbed the lollipop from between her lips and leaned in and kissed him. He held it for a while before breaking it off and then moving down and placing a line of kisses between her tits, then moved over to her candy covered nipple and took several candies as well as her nipple in to his mouth and sucked on it.

Mary moaned as her nipple hardened and she felt Derek press it between his tongue and one of the candies, biting down on it gently until the candy cracked and her whole body shivered in pleasure.

He repeated it several times and she almost orgasmed more than once.

She whimpered as he moved down her body, until he moved her panties to the side and started eating her out. Her first orgasm finally crested and she fell backwards on to the counter, her hands going to her tits as Derek continued to bring on her next orgasm.

She let out a little squeal and then grabbed another lollipop to put between her lips.

She knew she should be fighting even this, but the only thing that she could think about at the moment was how disappointed she was that she didn’t get make her candy panties before Derek had gotten home.

She let out a gasp as Derek’s tongue pushed between her pussy lips and the thought of what it would feel like to have Derek squeezing a candy between his tongue and her clit.

She might be fighting the inevitable in her mind, but her body had lost that battle and accepted it’s role as Derek’s arm candy. It was also doing everything it could to get her mind in line with orgasm after orgasm.