A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday January 18, 2022

“Yes, of course Sir.” Maria replied as her hands grabbed hold of the bottom of her bikini and then pulled it to the side, exposing her breasts to me.

I reached out and grabbed a hold of one of them and gave it a squeeze. It was firm and had no tan lines, as soon as my fingers touched her flesh she let out a little gasp and then moaned louder and louder as I played with her breast.

I released it and she smiled broadly, “Thank you Sir, do you like them?”

“Yes, they are very nice. How long have you had them?”

“The resort upgraded them just three months ago and they have been very popular with the guests.”

“When was the last time someone fucked them?”

“Oh very recently Sir, I very much enjoy having them fucked very hard.”

“And slapped as well?”

“Oh yes Sir, I’m told they move just the perfect amount when slapped nice and firmly.”

I nodded and motioned her to put her top back in place. She smiled as she did and I looked around the patio, there were several other drop dead gorgeous women standing around in bikini’s and less.

Some of them were hanging off the arms of men, others were just sauntering around looking for the next man that showed any interest in them. That was the draw of the resort, a play pen for men, with a bevy of beauties at your beck and call.

Maria had caught my eye, not because of her tits which were spectacular, but because of her oversized glasses. There was just something about they way they hid just enough of her face to make it hard to see what she really looked like, but couldn’t hide her clearly beautiful features.

“Well Maria, I’d like to test that out for myself. What do you say we head down to the beach, I want to see my cock between those tits and my cum sprayed across those glasses.”

She stepped forward and pushed herself up against me, “Oh yes Sir. I would be honoured to receive a load of your cum on my face and my tits are made to be fucked.”

I slipped my arm around her, and she did the same, as we walked down towards the immaculate white sands of the beach. I didn’t know exactly how the resort did whatever they did, but since being invited and finding out exactly what it was, I didn’t ask questions that I really didn’t want to know the answers too.

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