I have to admit, I do like how committed to her new lifestyle she had become. It wasn’t her choice of course, at least not entirely, I’d implanted the little seed in her mind just over a month ago and it had found fertile ground to grow in.

Many women’s minds are too closed off, too limited, to conceive of what the seed is or how to make it blossom, but Cynthia embraced quickly and fully.

She had moved in next door and had quickly taken a dislike to me, or more aptly the string of obvious bimbos that paraded through my front door each day. After the first few weeks, she’d come over and banged on my door, as if she was the most important person in the neighbourhood.

Normally I’d just have punted her off with a quick alteration so she no longer noticed what was going on, but it was something about the eyes that caught my attention and so I let her vent as I probed around in her head.

By the time she was finished, I had done my work and I even apologized. A fake promise later and she headed back to her own home, smugly satisfied.

Its hard to tell how well the seed will take, some will make small changes, opening up and becoming less stuffy. Most simply shrug it off, but a few, a few will embrace it.

It was only three days later that I saw Cythia had let her hair down and already had dyed it blonde from it’s natural brown. There were two other things of interest about that first meeting; the first that she was out for a job which I’d never seen her do before, and the second was that she smiled at me when our gazes met.

It was hard to tell, but there might have been some blush in her cheeks that day as well. I smiled back, but she had already turned her head back forward and was once more focused on her jog.

Over the next few weeks, things changed quickly. When she jogged by my house she would slow down, and even stop and flirt if I was outside. Her makeup changed, becoming more feminine even when she was jogging. Her clothing changed as well, her jogging outfit went from sweets to shorts to, well, whatever she was wearing at the moment.

The bike was new though, her jogs were in the morning, but the last few days she’d added a bike ride in the afternoon and so I’d decided to be in my front yard when she came by.

“Hi Cindi, how are you today?” I asked. It was another change, her name, she had scolded me the first time I’d called her Cindi, but now she smiled when I did.

“Oh, I’m great! Thanks for asking… how about you?” she asked as she stopped her bike and put the kickstand down, looking in my direction. The shoes were new too, I could only imagine how difficult it was to ride the bike in them.

By the time she finished her response I could easily make out her now erect nipples through the thin fabric of her outfit. I didn’t try and hide the fact that my gaze was directly on her chest. She lowered her head, suppressing a giggle as she blushed profusely.

“I’m good, thanks. New bike?” I asked as she lifted her leg over the center of the bike and walked over to my fence that I was leaning against. She positioned herself along it as well and then nodded.

“Yeah, like… isn’t it so cool?”

“Very, it even matches your outfit. And I see you’ve got some headlights for it too…” I said, nodding at her nipples poking out from her chest.

“Oh my gawd… like those things totally have a mind of their own! giggle” she replied as she reached out and touched my arm. As soon as she did I watched her eyes dilate and her mouth open to take in a slight gasp.

“Well, if that’s the case…” I said as her mind was still trying to make sense of the feelings of touching my arm caused to well up inside of her, “I guess I don’t have to ask you if I can do this as you’re not in charge anyway…”

I reached out and gently took one of her nipples between my finger and thumb and gave it a little pinch.

Her eyes instantly glazed over and she pushed her chest towards me, letting her head fall back as she gave out a low moan.

“Wow… they really are in charge aren’t they?” I asked as I reached out with my other hand and took hold of her other nipple.

In response she groaned and started to dry hump the fence without saying a single word. She continued to let me play with her nipples, in the open, for anyone to see, for as long as I wanted to. Eventually I released them and she blinked several times as she came down from the pleasure high she had been riding.

“Uhm… like, what was I saying?”

“Oh, you were just saying how much you like riding your bike bareback…” I replied.

She blushed again and gently slapped my arm, “Oh, like, stop it! giggle You’re so totally bad! giggle snort giggle

“Yeah, but you like it that way don’t you?” I asked as I reached out and gave her nipple as flick with my finger.

Her whole body shivered in pleasure, goosebumps forming all over it, “Cindi likes it that way!”, she replied half stunned from the pleasure still.

I smiled and took a half step back, “Well, I’d best let you get back to your riding…”

Panic flashed in her eyes, “Like, do ya have ta?”

“Well, unless you wanted to finish your ride in my place…”

Her eyes went wide and then her cheeks blushed again, she nodded as she replied, “Like… ok…”, in a small voice.

I extended my hand and she placed her own in it, “You know Cindi, I only let bimbos in to my house…”

She blushed even more as she walked around to the gate and on to my property, “I… I know…”

“So are you going to be a good little bimbo for me?”

“Y… ye… yes Sir… Cindi is gonna be your best bimbo ever…” Cindi replied as her eyes glazed over once more and I guided her in to my house.

There was still a lot of work Cindi needed to do to become my best bimbo ever, but I could tell she was dedicated to the work and I was confident in no time she’d fit the bill.