There had been a time when Selena, Terry, Karen and Jennifer had been the terrors of the office.

As founder and CEO, Selena had hired only the bitchiest, most ruthless women to place in executive positions, even if they were not perhaps the best candidates she interviewed. Though even now, she ensured they were in their proper places, underneath her, of course.

Terry, on the left, had joined Chief Operations Officer not long after, while Karen and Jennifer had joined later on after replacing their male counterparts as VP of Sales and Head of HR.

The company had done well, a fast rising tech startup with an amazing team behind it, and unmatched technology. I could even put up with the four of them, that is until they tried to cheat me out of my stock options.

That had been a mistake.

Because while I had given the company some of my ideas, I’d kept the best for myself. And by best I mean those that would never have made it to market due to their ethical issues.

As such, getting the four of them under my control was an easy enough task, though some had come along farther than others.

Selena had fallen the fastest and farthest. Gone was the uptight, bitchy CEO that demanded perfection from everyone around her and belittled anyone and everyone she saw as her inferiors, replaced with completely debased slut that only demanded cock and begged to be degraded.

She was still the CEO of course, I had no desire for that, but her new attitude was very useful when negotiating with investors. In fact it wasn’t uncommon for her to spend a weekend or even a week in private meetings with new investors showing them just exactly how far she was willing to go for their money.

Terry on the other hand was still fighting it, at least a little. It was amusing to have her storm in to my office, furious at the latest humiliation I had inflicted on her. Last week I’d had her walk around the office with a t-shirt on that read “Ask me how I operate!”, to which her mandatory response was to smile and reply, “On my knees of course!”. She’d then drop down to her knees, clash her hands behind her back, push her tits out, open her mouth, and stick her tongue out.

When she’d finally made it to my office and started screaming, I’d just smiled and asked “How do you operate?”, and the programmed response had kicked in. I then spent a good half hour pushing my dick in to her throat, watching orgasm after orgasm wash over her. By the time I left for lunch, well, she wasn’t complaining any more.

Jennifer, the other blonde, had always used her sex appeal to close sales, and well, she still did. It was just that she no longer stopped at “appeal”, and went all the way to sex. To be honest, I don’t think I really changed all that much about her, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she had already been sleeping with some of the clients.

And then there was Karen… the HR lady from hell. She’d let the executives get away with everything, denying any wrongdoing if anyone filed a complaint, and even forced a dozen good people out of the company to cover up the abuses they all shared in.

That was no longer the case, and after she’d personally visited each and every employee she’d wrongly pushed out, some of them had even returned. And any complaints she now received, she was far more diligent in investigating and correcting. Employee moral was at an all time high and Karen made sure to have one on one meetings with the staff as often as possible.

Today though, well, I’d been looking forward to today for quite some time.

Today was my annual performance review and the four of them had agreed that they should conduct it together.

I smiled and closed the door behind me, it was a good thing that I’d used my technology on the rest of the staff… and the building for that matter… I was expecting my performance review to get quite… heated and noisy before it was over.