Abby stood there silently, eyes closed, clutching her purse, waiting just as she had been told too.

Her ability to disobey had long been burned out of her, by the men in white coats, bright lights, and strange sounds. After they had finished with her, she’d simply nodded when she had been told who her owner was, just as she had when he’d sent her to the plastic surgeon.

She’d stood there silently even when the loud voices had started to come from inside, or the sounds of people fighting, or the gunfire… even when the bullets had broken through the door and whizzed past her.

Even now, as the sound of sirens came closer and closer, she stood silently, waiting.

She wondered if her owner was dead, and what that would mean for her. Would she stand there forever? Would the police or paramedics force her to leave physically? Would she find herself desperate to return to this very spot for the rest of her life?

Abby didn’t know the answers to any of the questions that swirled around in her head, but she did know how happy it made her to stay right where she was so she continued to do so.