Angela titled the cap down over her eyes, trying to hide her face as best as she could, she hated being on display like this for Jake’s friends, but she had no choice.

Just as she’d had no choice about the giant implants that were stuffed in her chest, or the hours at the gym, or her entire wardrobe.

“See, I told you it worked!” Jake said, waving his hands in her general direction as he spoke to his three friends sitting on the couch.

“Fuck, yeah, that’s really Angela isn’t it?” one of them said, his eyes wide in disbelief.

“Damn right it is, tell them babe.” he said.

Angela winced on the inside, but it didn’t show on the outside as a tiny tickle in the back of her mind started her lips moving.

“Sure thing babe… but, like, call me Angie! giggle Like, I used to totally be Jake’s boss, but now I’m just his horny little cock slut!”

She licked her lips and took a step towards the couch, “And, like, speaking of cock… does anyone want me to totally suck theirs? giggle

“Of course they do babe… but first, show them those giant fake tits I got you.” Jake interjected before anyone else could answer.

giggle Oh my gawd babe! I totally looooove showing off my giant fake titties! giggle” she said as her hands reached the sides of her top and pulled it the rest of the way open, exposing her tits to everyone in the room.

“Holy fuck… I bet you titty fuck her every nigh with those tits!” one of the other men said as she played with her hard nipples a little.

“Like, titty fucking is one of my favorite kinds of fucking! giggle” she exclaimed as she pushed her tits together and gave them a shake.

“Tell em what other kind of fucking you like babe…” Jake said.

giggle Like, face fucking, and like, pussy fucking, and like ass fucking too! giggle Like, honestly, just any kinda fucking! giggle

“Damn…” the third friends finally spoke and shook his head.

The first one finally found his voice again, “And you can do this… with just a pill?”

“I mean, yeah, you know. Not the physical stuff… I mean Angie has worked hard to get into the shape she’s in now and lots of surgeries as well. But the mental side, yeah. The pill releases nano machines in to her bloodstream and over a few hours they build the necessary components directly in to the brain. After that, well, anything is possible.”

Jake continued on for a few more minutes, going in to the technical side of it, that Angela was all to aware of. She had created the technology after all, Jake had just stolen it and used it on her before she had known what was happening. She’d always thought he was a lazy researcher, but she had never thought he’d do anything like he had.

“Why don’t I leave you with her for a while and you can test her out. If you’re satisfied afterwards, you can pay me for the pills to use on your girlfriends.” Jake said and the three men nodded their heads.

The small tickle in the back of her head was there again for a moment and her feet stepped forward, until she was in front of the man in the middle of the couch and she lowered herself between his legs.

Soon she had her lips wrapped around him and each of her hands on the men’s shafts beside her. When one of the men grabbed her hat and threw it across the room, she hardly noticed, the pleasure coursing through her was all that matter now as even if she’d had a choice, she’d have sucked every cock in the room to get the orgasms she new would follow.