“Do they please you Sir? I know they aren’t big enough yet, not in proportion to my hips, but I will get them enlarged again as soon as the surgeon will let me.” Ashley said as she pushed her tits together as she stood before her owner for the first time in weeks.

It had been hard to be away from her Master for so long, but the surgeon had been clear that she wasn’t to resume her normal sexual activities until her tits had fully healed. Master had been very clear to follow the surgeon’s instructions to the letter and she couldn’t disobey him.

Her Master had taken ownership of her several months ago, when she was out clubbing one night. She could still remember his sweet words when they had first met like it was just moments ago, “That’s a world class ass there, let’s see if the rest of you holds up to the same standard.”

The thrill of the complement hadn’t last long though, as she turned around and he got a good look at her, the disappointment on his face was obvious.

If she could remember his first words as if they were moments ago, it was what he said next that drove her forwards each and every day, “Oh no, that will never do… those tits are far too small, all out of proportion to those hips. And those thin lips will never do, and that hair colour is all wrong. God you’ve got a lot of work to do slut.”

They had instilled in her a need to fix everything he didn’t like about her, and she knew she was still a work in progress.

“Not bad slut, I mean the hair is a big improvement and the lips are a lot better now. But you’re right about your tits, still not big enough. Though they do appear to be big enough for a proper titty fuck, so come on over her and lets find out.”

Her face lit up in excitement as she wiggled her world class ass across the room and then sunk down between his legs and pushed his hard cock between her tits. Each time she went down she took the tip of his cock between her lips and suckled on it for a moment before pulling up again.

When his cum spurted forth and hit her chin she was in heaven, or at least as close as her imperfect body would let her get.

After all, when she had perfected her body for him she knew he wouldn’t be fucking her tits, or mouth, or pussy, but instead her world class ass and finally be perfect.