“Nurse, is everything ready?” Doctor Tomes asked as he looked over to the blonde preparing the syringe filled with liquid.

“Yes Doctor, everything is ready as per your instructions.”

“Good… remind me again what Mrs. Talbot came in for?” he asked.

“A suture-less face lift along with some fillers.”

The Doctor nodded, “And what’s she actually getting?”

“The full treatment Doctor. Full face lift, botox, rhinoplasty, lip fillers, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, chemical skin rejuvenation, and of course the full mental makeover as well. We have her for a full two weeks.”

The Doctor nodded and motioned to hand him the syringe she was holding and she handed it to him. Finding a vein, he injected it in to the unconscious woman laying on the table before him.

He’d start with the face lift, rhinoplasty, and breast implants today, they took the longest to heal. Next week he’d do the rest, in between while she recovered the tech boys would handle the mental makeover.

He looked over to the counter to see the two large silicone implants that were put out for todays surgery and a thought popped in to his head.

“By the way, when are you’re next upgrades scheduled for?” he asked the nurse.

“Three weeks Doctor, I have Nurse Tammy covering for me while I’m unavailable.”

The Doctor nodded and smiled, the last time Tammy had covered for her had been why he’d told her to get upgraded, those massive tits of Tammy’s were just too much fun.

“Good, well let’s get started, Mrs. Talbot has a lot of healing to get done over the next couple of weeks.” the Doctor said as he picked up his scalpel and started to cut along the lines he had previously traced on her body.