Jenny typed away at her computer, her leg up over her knee, and she could feel the eyes of everyone in the office on her.

It sent a shiver of pleasure through her and she could hardly keep typing because of it.

She had to admit, Kevin had been right when he said that it would be better to be out in the office with the rest of the staff instead of stuck in her stuffy old CEO’s office.

He had helpfully setup the small table and chair in the corner by the window and things had been great all week!

Well, she hadn’t been getting nearly as much work done to be honest. With all the attention from the guys in the office she was getting it was hard to stay focused, and she ended up having to slip out to the ladies room every hour or so to masturbate until the sweat release of an orgasm rocked her.

Each time she masturbated she imagined it was a different one of the guys fucking her… slamming their big hard cocks in to her needy little pussy…

Her legs parted and her fingers slipped under her skirt without even realizing it, as the thought of John, the oldest man in the office floated in to her head.

A sudden noise coming from the other side of the office brought her back reality and she blushed profusely before she stood up. She bent over at the waist to grabbed her small purse that contained her trusty dildo, and then wiggled her ass to the bathroom.

A few minutes later another much needed orgasm rocked her and she slumped on the toilet seat once more.

Jenny looked up and smiled as Keven stood beside her, his eyes firmly fixed on her cleavage that was on display under her parted white blouse.

“Oh, hi Kevin! What can I do for you?” she asked, leaning forward a bit and pushing her tits out even more.

“Well, would you mind coming in to my office for a moment Jenny?” he asked.

“Of course not Kevin!” she replied and her eyes defocused for a moment at the wave of pleasure that ran through her.

She managed to stand up beside him and lean in to his side, he slipped his hand around her waist and then let it rest of her ass and her legs almost gave out from beneath her. Instead a small moan escaped her lips as they started walking towards Kevin’s office.

She knew it well of course, it had been her office until recently, but Kevin had right, there was no sense it remaining empty if she wasn’t going to use it any more.

They entered his office and he closed the door behind him, as soon as it clicked shut, she felt his hand squeeze her ass. This time she couldn’t keep herself on her feet and so she dropped to her knees and her fingers instantly went for his zipper. It only took a few seconds to fish his cock from his pants and wrap her lips around it.

She sucked him all the way in to her throat and then titled her head backwards, until she made eye contact with him, then without a word, she begged him to fuck her with each stroke she made up and down his shaft.

Kevin watched Jennifer Conland sucking his dick and smiled.

The once CEO and soon to be office free use slut, was no longer threatening to fire him for using the wrong pronouns, or saying the wrong thing, or whatever other bee she had in her bonnet that day.

It would only be a few more days before the subliminal software he’d developed and installed on her computer would finish it’s work. Then, she’d be sucking and fucking every guy in the office, whenever they wanted her too.

Of course there was quite the growing pot in the office pool for who she’d suck or fuck first… he had his money on John. That old bastard was a real piece of work and was pretty sure he was ready to push his luck and take her at any moment.

The other guys seemed unsure if it would really work, but he knew that wasn’t a problem.

Of course he wasn’t in the pool, after all he’d already had to show the guys the first video he’d recorded of Jennifer sucking his cock with abandon to convince them his software worked at all.

A few had still thought it was just a deep fake or something, but when she’d moved her desk to the common area and had dressed like a complete slut all week, well, they all believed after that.

The noises coming from the bathroom every few hours didn’t hurt either.

Maybe he’d have a brief chat with John, just to encourage him a bit. After all, he’d promised not to use the software to have her go after my choice in the pool first, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t work the other side.

He let out a slight chuckle and then grabbed the back of Jennifer’s head and slammed all the way in to her throat and held her there. He could feel Jennifer’s body twitching with pleasure as he did so and couldn’t wait until all the paperwork was complete and he controlled the company legally.

Then he could really go all out with Jennifer and really make her the perfect office slut.