A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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Amanda felt the cool wood of the floor against her pussy lips as the two people entered the room.

“As you can see, while the apartment isn’t furnished, it does come fully equipped…” the man in a suit said.

Amanda recognized him as the agent that had shown her the apartment many years ago when she had moved in, though she couldn’t seem to recall his name.

The other man smiled and nodded, “She’s a little… spartan…” the other man replied.

“Yes, well, she had good bones though. Nothing a little surgery and time at the salon won’t fix. Just think of it as being able to realize your own vision of what she can be, without any pre-existing issues to deal with.”

The second man walked over to her and gently pushed her head backward until she was looking right up in to his eyes. What she saw sent a chill down her spin, a wicked smile and a cruelty behind the eyes that she didn’t want to see any more of.

“And she’s free and clear, no debts to pay off or anything?” the second man asked.

“No issues whatsoever, fully acquired by the state through the Taxation and Incentives Transformation Act of 2022 and then purchased through the Infrastructure Privatization Act of 2023 as part of the settlement of back rent.”

Amanda wanted to scream at them, but instead the chip in her head kept her quiet and compliant as the man tilted her head from side to side.

She had done everything she could to avoid going to a tax shelter and, unfortunately, this is what had come of all her effort. It didn’t matter how much she worked, or how many strings she had tried to pull, it was simply impossible to keep up with the tax burden the state put on women.

“Good. Well, I think this apartment will be fine for my son then. It’s close to the university and as a ‘fixer upper’ it will give him something to do other than waste his time on video games.” the man said nodding and stepping back.

“Great! Let’s go down to the office and fill out the paperwork. I’m sure this will be a popular spot for his friends to hang out in… after all before defaulting on her taxes, she was a professor at the university. Quite well known I’m told for her… views. No doubt some of the current professors may even want to drop by.”

The two men chuckled as they left the apartment and all Amanda could do was scream at the top of her lungs in her own head, known full well that she had antagonized almost every male professor at the university during her tenure. Then a terrible though popped in to her head, what if Dean Watson caught wind of her status?

She’d been the hardest on him, filing sexual harassment report after report, that were no longer harassment under the law, against the faculty and even the Dean himself!

It wasn’t just the fact that the dean might come over, but what if at the end of the rental agreement for the man’s son, the Dean decided to rent the apartment?

She knew it was more than just a possibility, so she settled her mind on the only thing she could do… making sure the man’s son wanted to keep renting the apartment, even after he had graduated.