Jenny looked at the man that had entered the room with a mixture of fear and anticipation.

Anticipation because her pussy had already started to moisten, and fear because she knew she’d be losing another little bit of herself soon enough when the next orgasm crashed over her.

The cycle had been repeating itself for days now, she’d wake up alone in the room, a man would enter, she’d try to resist but fail, and then the orgasm would crash over her. Each time her resistance faded a little bit more.

“Pleaseโ€ฆ” she said, her eyes pleading with the man to leave.

Instead he stepped over to the edge of the bed and placed finger under her chin, his thumb resting on her chin, and titled her head upward slightly, “Please what?”

His voice was calm and certain, her lower lip quivered as her forehead scrunched as she tried to say the words, be he grew tired of waiting and raised his thumb slightly to her lower lips and she closed her eyes and let out a low moan as she wrapped her lips around his thumb and began to suck.

Her head gently rocked back and forth as she suckled his thumb, a moment later she felt his free hand pull her tit out from her top and give it a firm squeeze.

Her eyes popped open when he did and she looked up at him, this time her eyes pleaded for something else entirely and the man smiled. He grabbed hold of her erect nipple between his finger and thumb and gave it a hard twist.

She popped off the mans thumb as she let out a gasp, “Yes! Yes! Play with Jenny’s titties! Jenny loves her titties played with!”

The words tumbled out of her mouth without a thought behind them, she would never have said them willingly, let alone in the fake accent that she now spoke in. But whatever they had been doing to her had changed so many things, brought on so many responses that she never conceived of before, responses that she had no control over what so ever.

The man used his now free other hand to reach down and pull her other tit out of her top and do the same with it’s nipple. In response Jenny tossed her head back and gave another moan, “Yes, yes, you play with Jenny’s big fake tits so good Mister! You make Jenny so horny!”

After a few moment the man let go of her nipples and reached down and grabbed her hips, quickly pulling her to the side of the bed and then flipping her over. His hand came down on her ass and let out a yelp, but pushed her ass up into the air at the same time.

A small tough on her outfit pulled it to the side, exposing her moist pussy to him and she shook her ass slightly as his fingers slide over it.

“Mmmm Mister, you fuck Jenny now? Jenny so horny. You fuck Jenny’s tight little pussy with big hard cock now!”

He entered into her a moment later and she let out a squeal as he grabbed her hair and pull back on her head. It was hard to tell if he was slamming in to her pussy or she was thrusting back on to his cock, but it didn’t matter, the pleasure that coursed through her was all the same either way.

When she felt him release inside of her, her orgasm crashed over her and stars and sparkles appeared before her eyes as she felt a little more of her old self slip away.

Jenny didn’t mind though, she thought as a giggle escaped her lips, Jenny was a good fuck and that was all that really mattered. Not some stuffy old career as a FBI agent, not some silly idea of bringing drug dealers to justice, not some crazy idea that she had an ivy league education.