Gina walked around the pool towards Todd, her body glowing the early morning light as the other girls lounged around property.

She’d been away for several weeks, it was the hardest thing she’d had to do in a long time, be way from him for so long, but she knew it was required.

She passed by Tammy, a cute blonde at least ten years younger than her. She smiled at Andrea, a voluptuous black woman that was at least 5 years younger than her, and so it went with each girl she passed.

Gina was the oldest by far among them, and that was because she had been one of his first. One of the first to fall under his spell and because completely devoted to him. She didn’t understand it, not even after all these years, but she knew that she would do anything to make him happy.

And so she’d finally had to face it, he’d slowly but surely spent less and less time with her over the last year or so, and she had to take action.

She finally arrived in front of him and she smiled, at least as much as her puffed up lips and botox would let her, “Hello Sir.”

Todd looked up from his book that he was reading on the sun cot and smiled, “Hello Gina, I wondered where you had gotten to.”

She pushed her new tits out and cupped them with her hands, giving them a jiggle.

In response he gave a little chuckle, “Yes, I was wondering how long it would take you to… make some changes.”

“Yes Sir, do you like them?”

He nodded and a shot of pleasure ran through Gina’s body, “They look good… and you’ve been working out some more as well.”

“Yes Sir, anything to make my body better for your enjoyment.”

He patted a space beside himself and he quickly moved over and sat with him, her hand slipping between his legs to stroke his glorious cock.

“Please Sir, how may I service you? Can I suck your cock with my new puffy lips? Or would you like to fuck my big fake titties? I know you always enjoyed fucking my tight little pussy… or perhaps my even tighter little ass?”

Todd smiled and reached over and hooked his finger over the string that was straining to keep her tits covered and tugged her towards him. She eagerly leaned in.

“I’m really liking this new look Gina, and yes, I’m going to fuck those big fake tits you’ve gotten. But there is one thing I want you to think about when I’m done, and that’s this; you haven’t gone far enough.”

Gina’s whole body shivered as she let out a low moan and she made plans to return to the plastic surgeon as soon as possible.