“Damn it Jason, I told you to fix that connection!” I shouted out as I looked down at the squirming form of my latest subject, the connection to the aerosol delivery systems flopping around her tits.

I shook my head and knelt down beside her, taking hold of the connection and moving it back to the side where the other end of it laid on the floor. Fortunately the gas flow automatically stopped when the connection was broken, otherwise the whole warehouse could have been filled with the stuff and we’d both be flat on our backs from the effects.

“Sorry boss!” Jason called back from the office as he walked out and towards me, arriving just as the gas had once more started to flow and the squirming started to settle down.

Jason quickly went to the control console and started typing away at the console, “So, how much time did we lose?”

“Ah… just a sec…” Jason replied, furiously working away until his fingers came to a sudden halt.

“That bad?”

“Well, it looks like six hours.” he replied sheepishly.

I just shook my head, “What the fuck do I pay you for? Didn’t I tell you… explicitly… to replace that connection clamp after the last subject, and the subject before that, and the subject before that? What’s that… 6, 3, 7… 16 hours of processing time I’ve lost now?”

His shoulder sunk and he just nodded in agreement.

“Look, if this happens again I’m going to find someone else to do the work. And let’s face it, I’m not going to have a hard time doing so given the company… benefits, am I?”


“Then we understand each other?”

“Yes Sir.” he replied dejectedly.

“Good. Now before I go to make a call and let the client know that his delivery is going to be delayed, how’s the background check coming on the next subject?”

Jason’s face brightened up and his postured righted itself, “Oh great! Her family is on the other side of the country, estranged, and she hasn’t had a boyfriend in six months. Her social media accounts are virtually non-existent too!”

“Good, the client wants her processed by the end of next week, do you see any issues with that?”

“Not at all, I’ve already got the Jim tailing her and he has several possible extraction scenarios ready.”

I nodded and turned to head towards the office, the sounds coming from the current subject having completely stopped, other than the buzzing of the vibrator.

“Alright, give him the go ahead as soon as this one is complete and your confident there will be no entanglements.”

“You got it boss.” Jason replied and then went back to the console to continue his work.

I gave a heavy sigh as I walked back to the office, it was never a good thing to have to delay a delivery, I’d probably end up just breaking even after giving the client a discount for it. But even so, it was better to do that then lose a customer… after all, they never just stopped at one once they got a taste of what I offered.