“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it… please, just let me go…” Casey whimpered as the man held her by her pony tail and held him phone out to snap a photo of her half naked body like some kind of trophy.

She didn’t know his name, she’d literally bumped in to him in the lobby of the hotel less than twenty minutes ago.

Looking back at it now, her reaction had clearly been incorrect. She’d scowled and yelled at the man, inferring he’d bumped in to her, and threatening to have the manager kick him out of the hotel unless he apologized immediately.

The moment she felt him enter her mind she knew she’d made a terrible mistake.

Her mouth clapped shut, her body stiffened as straight as a board, she’d turned on her heels and nearly ran for the elevator. Minutes later she was in her room, changing in to the sexiest outfit she’d brought with her. She’d even slipped the ball gag around her neck that she’d brought in case she found any new boy toys to play with.

Then, her feet carried her back to the elevator and up to the penthouse where she’d knocked on his door and bowed her head as soon as he’d opened it.

He let go of her hair and put his phone down on the table, but she didn’t move from the position he’d placed her in on the coffee table, “Please… don’t… don’t fuck my pussy, don’t put a baby in me… I’ll do anything… anything else… just please…” she begged.

“Anything?” he asked, raising an eyebrow and undoing his pants, letting them fall to the ground.

“Yes… yes… anything!” she cried out as he finished undressing and stood in front of her, his cock dangling just inches from her lips.

“You’re suck my cock like a good little slut?”

“Yes!” she replied, flicking her tongue out from between her lips, trying to get to the tip of his dick.

“You’ll let me fuck those tiny little titties of yours?”

“Yes! Fuck my tits, cum all over them, cum all over my face!”

“And what if I want to fuck that tight little virgin ass of yours?”

Her whole body shivered at the thought, she never let anyone touch her ass, let alone fuck it.

“I’ll… I’ll squeal like a little girl… and… and beg you to fuck it…” she managed to get out as a smile crossed his lips.

He walked around behind her and gave her ass a slap and then rubbed it, “Good, then get it up in the air.”

She raised it up to what she knew would be the perfect level and then she felt his hardening cock push up against her sphincter and she let out a squeal that nearly shattered the windows.

Casey woke up the next morning, her ass sore, her throat horse, and an overwhelming satisfaction from the best orgasm she’d ever had.

She smiled and rolled over to find her phone on the nightstand and the man nowhere to be found. She sighed and picked up her phone, unlocking it and checking her messages.

One was from a number she didn’t recognize, but instantly knew it was him. She tapped on it and it was a single word. At least she though it was, her mind conscious simply didn’t register what it was, her subconscious though recognized it.

The night before came flooding back, but this time without the changes he’d made to her mind, and an milk curdling scream came from between her lips.

He’d swapped her desires around, replacing her hatred of anal with the need to “protect” her pussy, inverting what she would have done of her own volition.

She could still hear her own voice begging him to fuck her ass harder, deeper, faster. Screaming out for him to never stop… and then the orgasm.

She knew he must have placed the trigger in her mind, no natural orgasm would have been so powerful. She curled up in to a ball and whimpered as the memory played over and over again in her head.

The problem though, wasn’t the memory, or it repeating… but the feeling deep down inside of her that she knew no vaginal orgasm would ever come close. She knew, beyond a shadow of doubt, that she’d be begging each and every one of her future partners to fuck her ass, and it wouldn’t be because of any changes that he’d made to her, but her own desire to chase that high once more.